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Ebola Protection: Most hazardous stage is taking off Hazmat suit | Ebola Videos

Ebola Protection: Most hazardous stage is taking off Hazmat suit

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So if you’re willing to do whatever it takes to steer clear of Ebola, a Hazmat suit could be an option. But you have to learn how to take it off properly – b…

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Algonquin81 says:

Can we get some Obolacare up in this African shithole?

JayDee says:

Meanwhile russia doesn’t care and does nothing

Mankind Awakening says:

Message is clear, Stay away from obama !

Kixx burt says:

You know more countries should be pitching in on this because if this
spreads no matter how big of a country you are you are pretty much dead.

Jeff W says:

wouldn’t the best way to contain the virus when taking off the suit be to
have controlled airflow around the person taking the suit off so that all
airflow is sucked downwards into ventilation suitable to contain and
disinfect contaminated air and release it back into the atmosphere. Next
step would be complete disinfection of the person via aerosol spray?
Or is this virus a type you contract just by fluid particles of an infected
landing on any part of your skin?

BUUUrrrrrrrrrrrrr says:

wake up! ebola is a lie. look at what they are going to use for the
vaccine. this whole thing is making the rich much richer….

DragonForceX12 says:

All the Americans below me are going crazy that RT have given proof to
Obama directly saying, “I kissed people with ebola”. He might have it now
lol but then again he might have had a cure.

Considering a lot of these diseases are man made, and are let out by men.
HIV is another man made disease that the scientists used on the African
people, and then said “they were having sex with monkeys” lmaooo. None of
these diseases are natural; they’re made by scientists, and they’re let out
by scientists. Just like killer bees when scientists got hold of bees, and
genetically changed it so they can be more aggressive, and then they let
them out.

Every disease that is made always has a cure as well. It is all bullshit
when they say, “we researching for a vaccine” when they already have it
lol. It would take years to research for a vaccine not a few months.
Considering Ebola has been around since the 70s, and all of a sudden 44
years later it is spreading???

Blank Stairs says:

I’d feel perfectly same too if I knew that we already had a cure for
it.Remember Swine Flu? Fear mongering,’many will die’,3 weeks
later,suddenly theres a cure?

✰ Truther ✰ says:

and they say Preppers are crazy, lol, we’ll see

joe freeman says:

I hope Ebola doesn’t go viral the first place people will die like crazy is
country’s like china and then my apple products will cost a fuck ton of

wize oldfart says:

With the abuse that Russia gets, why would they help? Read the comments.

Ana Surena Vandenberg dos Santos says:

What about a tinfoil hat ha

botchedonce says:

Good thing the US government is stopping flights from West African
countries into America from bringing infected people into North America.
Oh, but right, they’re not. Hmmm. A reasonable person might wonder why the
US government is not protecting it’s people. Hmmmmm. Strange. Perhaps one
might think the US government is hoping Ebola gets in and kills people or
frightens them enough that they continue to give up more freedom and
liberty. Hmmm. Yes….Hmmmm.

Osel Somar says:

The people who chose to go to Africa to help should not come back unless
The religious fanatics and Jesus freaks run home screaming if they contract
the disease – endangering much more people than they could possibly help…

Ashley Graetz says:

Ebola Protection: Most hazardous stage is taking off Hazmat suit

When will Apple release an i-hazmat wearable device

OsamaJoblessTerrorist says:

Shame on you RT. I wanted to see some interesting headlines. *The president
of United States has Ebola* imagen how people would freak out. 

bluekron77 says:

“aaahhhh… I hugged and kissed the nurses..” what an idiot…

GreenMountainGrow says:

WHY are they NOT teaching EVERYONE to spray down with bleach & water BEFORE
disrobing????? PROTOCOL PEOPLE!!!!!

frank smith says:

Obama kissed two nurses I doubt that. Who beleives that?

Adrian Rubi says:

So this is why Ebola was spread?….for Pharmaceutical companies’ profits?
So evil.

Sage Watson says:

Ok, someone smart please… Can Ebola spread via Air/contact or only
ingesting of bodily fluids/blood? 

Tacks Givenn says:

“Survival gear”

Ahahahahahaha xD

LadyDanielle Zana says:

The masks are essential, if an infected person may sneeze and you get
caught in their spray… and water vapour just does not evaporate instantly
in the air, it can be carried in humid air.

joshua b says:

“Take it off slowly and carefully” That was about as informative as my foot
up your ass.

Here_We_Go_Again! says:

The nurse in Spain who caught Ebola; inadvertently allowed thefingertip of
her hazmat glove to touch her face
while working with the Ebola patient.

Grag Brog says:

NATO should annihilate ISIS and promote FSA or new group to topple bloody
dictator Assad and take over Syria.

RussiaNukesAmerica3 says:

LOL, I’m at a loss for comment, this Ebola thing is messed up.

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