Ebola Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Training Video

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The following instructional video has been devised with the staff from ED/ITU/Infection Control around the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as part of the wider work underway across NHS Scotland to train and prepare health staff to effectively manage the response to any potential cases of Ebola. This should be used in conjunction with the aide memoire. Areas within Forth Valley Royal Hospital have been identified for any patients with possible symptoms of Ebola and staff in those areas have been trained in preparation. www.nhsforthvalley.com


qwerdbeta says:

Well the best PPE is here: https://youtu.be/g83bhtsvTDw

Graham T says:

Looks like a complete pain to have to do this.

Uratz says:

What's that device that provides the air to the mask ?

CNGRN1 says:

It states this was made by NHS in Forth Valley, which is in Scotland. Thank you NHS for providing this video.

Karolyn Cud says:

why is the person Scottish

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