Ebola patient’s family speaks out

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CNN’s Jim Sciutto speaks to the family of Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan about his condition.


Jenkin Yanten says:

Liberians speak perfect english Anyway America only colony in Africa

Sibky says:

What good has come out of Africa?

shane128955 says:

LMFAO, she is OBVIOUSLY reading a teleprompter and does not no what the fuck she is saying… obviously someone else wrote it LMAO!!!! 'ty for my son i lovee him" LMAOOOO this is so bad

agent 57 says:

well read there actors, not quite an oscar performance but your getting there……………………………..wake up sheep

Iluv2bblk says:

A mother love is precious

Natalie Potts says:

Yeah, she's not reading lines at all……

Angel Deville says:

By the time Thomas Duncan started receiving treatment, he was likely too far gone for treatment to save his life. Read the timeline of events, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Eric_Duncan … and take into account that Thomas Duncan not only lied on an airport questionnaire in Brussels, but to the hospital in Texas also, when asked if he had direct contact with anyone that was symptomatic with Ebola. His selfish actions put so many lives in jeopardy. A travel ban to and from certain countries in Africa is long overdue at this point. The lives of people in this country must take precedence!! On that note, the second nurse with Ebola {Amber Vinson} that flew on a crowded commercial flight one day before being diagnosed yesterday … she is just as thoughtless, and has no common sense!!

Autumnleaf2011 says:

Mr Duncan if he lived would have been killed upon arrival back in Liberia.  Mr Duncan was a liar and has now threatened the lives of health workers at the Dallas Hospital. 

SCHOOL says:

Black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow

Jonathan D says:

Bull shit he lied and because of that a young girl nurse has it now burn in hell!!!!!!!!!!!

2953 1640 says:

It is such a scary and terrible disease. Please pray, the more prayers the better we'll all be.

demetrius ross says:

Block flights frome these countries dammit !

Sol Darren says:

Didn't take long for these miserable jerks to grab onto the "black victim" industry.  Problem for them is that this Duncan jackass is even more reprehensible than Trayvon Martin or Mike Brown.  You could argue that neither Martin nor Brown deserved to die (I wouldn't make that argument, because they did) but Duncan deliberately brought Ebola to the US and wandered around while infectious.

The only good aspect of this story is that Duncan did die a horrible agonizing death.  He deserved it.

Daniel H says:

How do you guys fall for this bulshit? LMAO.

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