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Ebola Patients Escape Quarantine Believing It To Be A Western Hoax | Ebola Videos

Ebola Patients Escape Quarantine Believing It To Be A Western Hoax

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“There are conflicting reports over the fate of 17 suspected Ebola patients who vanished after a quarantine centre in the Liberian capital was looted. An ang…

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LocDawg VanHuuDamme says:

Wow, Natural Selection working its way as we speak. 

MrMiamiswaggz305 says:

Jesus, ignorance at its finest.

raidpirate52 says:

One day, and I hope I’m alive for it, I believe doctors will be able to
find a cures and conquer all diseases.


How my favorite basketball team, SAN ANTONIO SPURS CONQUERED the Miami
Heat’s home undefeated streak at this year’s NBA Finals and made LeBron
band-wagoners cry. 

Roose Bolton says:

As long as they stay out of Europe have at it, Ebola the fuck out of each

Wyatt Carleton says:

The bad side of me says let the Stupid Africans just die. The good side
says let them be ignorant, tell them, and then make another facility then
arm it. 

Marc-André Wallenberg says:

What’s with black people and looting as soon as tragedy strikes.

Mr.Skeltal says:

Black people.

Isauro Valdez says:

Close off the infected areas. Set up cameras. Put up check points in key
places. Check everyone. Those who are infected and can not be cured, kill
them or study them. People who are infected and try to escape, shoot them
on sight.

Obed Blas says:

Wow seriously sucks hope they can contain this shit before ends up here.

I’m not fin say where here is either.

The Coffee Nut says:

There are more trolls on TYT videos than stars in the universe 

phidadon says:

This videos comment section looks like a klu klux klan meeting. EVERY race
has a vast amount of fucking morons. It doesn’t condemn the entire race.

AnneliesTheComposer says:

The fact that they were even able to escape is stupid.

111dogon555 says:

of course you cant blame the people, they’re scared, ignorant beyond all
reason, and completely undereducated.

yet there’s part of me that thinks….good, maybe the world would be better
place if they all just died.

Jigsaw73213 says:

First Ferguson and now this. Hopefully people will finally start to realize
how worthless niggers are.

MEEHOWtv says:

Just close the borders and after a month ask them if they still think it’s
a hoax.

fl333r says:

A black lady had me write “Happy Bday Daddy” on her cake today. I didnt do
a good job but she was very pleasant about it and smiled very kindly.

Indians are terrible though. They have so many fracking specific requests
and never say thank you and waste so much of your time. Gluten free people
and yeast free people are all so high maintenance too. Damn those guys.
ANyway completely irrelevant.

Just saying. Ignorance is not race based. If you guys were born without
access to education, you too, would be a superstitious, foreigner-hating
idiot. Blame the government for neglecting education. Blame the people for
not petitioning/overthrowing their government.

Myamar Salooki says:

Oh shush all you racists. The blackys are just as smart as Whites. Don’t
you remember last week when this happened in the Netherlands?

videogameplyr1234 says:

People are fucking stupid. Really they stole the blankets? You try to help
people out and they mob you and steal your shit. Yesterday I was at the
bank and this stupid cunt let her sick kid run around and touch everything
and coughed on me and others, people have no common sense and decency just
a bunch of braindead animals I hope Ebola and every disease imaginable
wipes out the human race.

ZaxIntel says:

The entire county needs to be put on lockdown, it needs to be closed off
from the world if they are behaving in this manner.

LastDayStudios says:

This show is also aimed at producing and supporting Ebola, I’m not falling
for this shit neither…

Even these two are apart of the overall scheme of the this HOAX.

How is it that MDs, Scientists, Biologists worldwide have PROVEN that aids
and Ebola is a hoax for years and has been sent life threats in the mail
demanding them to remain silent and not go public?

But you want us to sit here and fall for this bullshit?


Webster Fillmore says:

The also think raping an underage virgin will cure aids.

Anybody who isn’t a black can understand infection. They are capable of
abstract thought.

Black people have a hard time understanding anything they can’t touch or

john doe says:

plus let them keep the western doctors out of their countries. It will just
make our lives better, because they will be to sick to bomb and kill
people. This is the best answer, let this sickness do the work for us. 

Marc-André Wallenberg says:

Please spread to israel.

branchysaturn28 says:

Through bodily fluids? Okay cool I’m safe.

KILLKING110 says:

Now its time to have the fcc stop all flights to africa since there being
complete idiots trying to kill themselves with a deadly virus

Myamar Salooki says:

Just like in Ferguson-same exact behavior.

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