Ebola Patient Transport Drill | Johns Hopkins Medicine and Lifeline

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Designated teams at all of the Johns Hopkins Medicine hospitals have trained for many months to respond to the likelihood that we would care for a patient with Ebola virus disease. To fortify these preparedness plans, a drill was conducted on Nov. 6 to simulate the transport of two patients with Ebola being transferred from Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center to The Johns Hopkins Hospital. As part of the drill, two people with symptoms of Ebola presented themselves in Johns Hopkins Bayview’s Emergency Department. Staff from Johns Hopkins Bayview and the Johns Hopkins Lifeline team donned and doffed their protective personal equipment, and Lifeline used specialized equipment to take them by ambulance to The Johns Hopkins Hospital’s Emergency Department. http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/ebola/


Razor scooter to the ankle says:

F in the chat

Trevor Newton says:

That would be very scary to have that diseas

Nutella Melon says:

Why do I enjoy these Ebola simulations?

Joe Aguilar says:

That kinda makes you feel like an alien when you are in the bag when they transport you but if for your own good

Cody Janssen says:

I would hate being treated like that

Geraldine Lopez says:

is this a drill

Elianna Warner says:

That Shawn Brast guy looks like my ELA teacher and his first name is Shawn. xD

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