Ebola patient escapes Liberia quarantine, chased in market

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A patient suffering from the deadly Ebola virus leaves quarantine in Monrovia and searches for food at a local market before being caught by doctors and forc…


Rembrant Van Ryn says:

shoot the fucker

Adnan Bosnjak says:

This is the country established by USA, hell from the beginning…

Lyndon Egan says:

according to the who’s figures its only killed 200 people in the last 4
weeks, theyre not telling us the whole truth as it went from 600 to 1200 in
under 2 weeks. at which point they said the virus was spreading more
rapidly and had just reached larger cities, the following reports over the
following 4 weeks (to the present) indicate only 200 deaths (not to put it
lightly i feel deep empathy for these poor souls) and 400 more infected.
meaning there own ‘official’ figures dond match what theyre saying.. 


Doctors Without Borders Saying “World Is LOSING The Battle Against Ebola”

FistOfMichallin says:

I’m pretty sure a lot of those folks contracted Ebola in this footage. Hard
to watch.

Rob P says:

America testing out their new strain of diseases again

carlindelco says:

This is yet another reason why africa is a 3rd world continental disaster
no sense whatsoever..

«-·'¯'·.Ðꧧï©å‡êÐ ©ø®þ§ê.·'¯'·-» says:

These people PREFER it this way, they WANT Ebola to become a global
epidemic. Doesn’t anyone else see that?

MrSirBalls says:

This is dangerous even for the guys with hazmats

Kristi Segovia says:

“we don’t want Ebola camps here” oh really dumb ass? you want everyone to
contract the disease and die?? you can’t fix STUPID!

Harry says:

Looks like ferguson Missouri 

Living Zimbabwe says:

#Ebola patient escapes Liberia quarantine, chased in market

How do you handle an ebola patient who seems “fed up”?

Fernando Torres says:

can any one tell me how do they know that he has got ebola virus 

Cheeto Freedo says:

It’s the end of the world as we know it…

Alex M says:

The whole happenig is suspicious: first: don’t they guard the ebola
patients in the hospital? second: the medical staff was arrived very soon
and they knew where to find him? imo they released him on purpose. 

Jimi Hernandez says:

Put a fucking bullet through there head. 

Jason K says:

Damn this is crazy….

Luvuyo Merile says:

Food is the most basic need and anyone would do anything to satisfy hunger.

customizerify says:

geeze I dunno Fernando Torres maybe the Liberian government likes following
random people around with bio hazard suits on

Oli Wood says:

if western people don’t want ebola in their country they should consider
going away of africa, instead of stealing their resources

MrSirBalls says:

What a fucking selfish idiot

rjravaz says:

We know where it’s going it’s time to give everyone a suit atleast until
this dies down.

junior says:

Resident evil 5 becoming reality 

Knibis kniben says:


Jasmine Davis says:

Were the people happy or ma they or him?

Games With Coffee says:

They all should be locked up, put a dome on there heads.

太郎佐々木 says:

What the hell did he do?
They did such a stupid thing!!!

HRH TARA Altar says:

Save these souls Father God because they are going to die

Karabo maapola says:

He is so selfish…

mytwocents100 says:


Arvin Singh says:

Dumb niggers they should just nuke Africa and get rid of all these monkeys
the world would not have problems like this

notquiteafembot says:

Such a sad situation…

Daniel Chavarria says:

so, this is how resident evil 5 started 

Alex Boon says:

Ah its the KKK!


They must try to treat patient by respect even thore they know they are
seek. Yes Ebola is dengeras but people is people

DudeRandom84 says:

No food no water but he’s strong enough to fight off the people trying to
save his life, he can’t be that dehydrated. Plus people are saying shoot
him, then his blood would splatter everywhere and some people are walking
around without anything on their feet so bad idea. 

TayTay badtaytay says:

Almost no one wants to die, But if your times up….. Do it with some
fucking dignity…

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