Ebola Panic: Maine Teacher Suspended for Visiting Dallas

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–Ebola panic: A teacher in Maine is suspended after visiting Dallas


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Kurt Jensen says:

And the teacher was suspended by so-called educators, or people who oversee children's education?  Astonishing ignorance.  I'd pull my kids from that school out of fear of being infected by the administrator's stupidity.

Ebama Ebola says:

Pakman and his little faggot boyfriend are typical liberal cunts. Call them on anything they "ban" you from their little youtube channel. Pakman isn't even American. Just a little Jew boy pile of shit that like all immigrants come to the USA shit all over the flag all the while thinking they're clever. No wonder he and his faggot boyfriend sidekick are such America hating faggots. You idiots that think these douchebags are clever are just pot headed losers.

David Roy says:

And you know, people with flu-symptoms will push themselves to go to work and spread their germs on everyone in the office…

46619TAB says:

As I understand, the only way one can contract Ebola is by playing with an infected person's poop, vomit, piss or blood or caring for an infected person as an unprotected medical professional. It seems one has a better chance of being bitten by a Vampire or being attacked by a Zombie than one has of contracting Ebola.

bigraviolees says:

49 thousand died from flu in 04. Fox news doesn't even remember it. Bush hired a czar with no med background. 40 thousand will die in traffic a year from now, maybe 3 from Ebola here. Milk it for votes scare them to go GOP

Joedy Barnes says:

David. I'm a teacher. I must say, a months paid vacation from school because my school district is idiotic sounds pretty good. (for those that will argue it's not a month, teachers work five days a week. 21 days is four weeks, which last I checked is a month)

Abnormal Wrench says:

Well, they want to ban all traffic from any country that has ebola….the US  now has ebola, so we should ban all US travelers.  Doesn't that make as much sense?

I support the gay agenda says:

How do the parents even know that their child's teacher even went to TX?

TheyCallMeGawd says:

This is what happens when people get their information in small sound bites from a media that is hungry for ratings and willing to put the worst case scenario forward as the likeliest just for the sensationalism factor to up their ratings. A misinformed public is the biggest threat during a crisis like this, people overreact to what isn't a threat then decide to get on a cruise ship or plane when they where in direct contact with an infected person.

kr00m says:

How long before republicans start using Ebola to keep people from the polls?

Chris Ragona says:

Shit. I watched the Cowboys game last week. Can someone help? Should I call the CDC?

Bobby Mugabe says:

in this dallas case, they may have made the right decision

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