Ebola outlook darkens

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The Ebola epidemic has killed more people in seven months than all other Ebola outbreaks in almost 40 years. The World Health Organisation and the United Nat…


TheDeextra says:

Ffs please quarantine

NWOresistance says:

Am I the only one who thinks 4,500 is hardly anyone? given the attention is
receives you would think it’s killed hundreds of thousands of people. ;

UnderseaCaveman says:

The Russians and Chinese will a lock-down on Ebola in their
countries…..and that will lead to massive outbreak eventually across
Europe, and hence Americas…..we got a very long battle ahead of us.

Miles O' Brian says:

Stop letting people leave africa!

searchandscan says:

And still Putin does NOTHING!

Me You says:

”They have to go back home to eat.” I’m surprised with all the money they
aren’t even being given food as they get strong enough. This is genocide.
America has a patent on this strand and the treatment. Obviously evil
genocide is taking place.

Scott Anthony says:

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