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Ebola Outbreaks & Stock Market Crashes | Ebola Videos

Ebola Outbreaks & Stock Market Crashes

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valhala56 says:

Corporations that are more human? You must be joking? or delusional. As
long as there is money there will greed and profit will trump humanity-see
Peter Joseph of TZM.
Government? the people we call Politicians who are Professional Liars? LOL
What a joke, Politicians fix no problems they only make things worse, a
good example Iraq, $1.7 Trillion dollars pissed a way for a failed state.
We would have gotten more if Bush gave the $1.7 Trillion to the people. 

Daft Bugger says:

So we shouldn’t put all our faith in Alex Jones? 

valhala56 says:

You have been trying to figure all this out since 2007. It really is quite
simple, the fundamental cause of all this is simply overpopulation. And I
will take it one by one, 1850, population 1.5 Billion, 2014 population 7.1
Billion. When deer are overpopulated in the forest nature culls the
population with disease. Do you see the connection? Right now for resources
alone we need a couple more earths, so overpopulation has led to Peak
Energy, to FuckUshima, to unemployment, economic collapse, War. All this
fundamentally at the root of the problem is too many people on the earth so
nature has sent out it’s Terminator and it is called ebola. In the Middle
ages it was the Bubonic Plague, but since we are so technically advanced
nature has had to come up with a nastier bug and that is ebola. Look at the
Georgia Guidestone, it says population should be at 500,000 million humans.
So my guess is that in a couple years at least 3.5 billion people will be
removed from Earth. Such as life aye. 

singlemansurvival says:

Technology is cheap people are expensive.

James Robinson says:

My thoughts on Ebola is that I don’t think we should ever have
intentionally flown an infected person into the country for treatment. We
just gave the virus a free ticket to cross the ocean. I’m not saying it
wouldn’t have eventually have happened, but we didn’t need to bring it here
intentionally. I don’t see things getting as bad as Africa, at least not at
this point.

Where is the stock market headed? I don’t think anyone knows for sure. The
market will react on Yellen’s every word tomorrow, you can bet on that. I
think wall street wants more of the free money pouring in from the fed
every month, right now it’s going thru withdrawal pains like a drug addict.
I say let it stand on its own feet, if that means it looses a few thousand
points then so be it.

I really don’t pay much attention to Alex Jones anymore, He is 110%
negative, he finds nothing good in anything, anywhere. EVERYTHING is a
conspiracy. I can’t be like that personally.

As far as the workforce goes, I work what I have to and as I’ve stated
before I only work 30 hours a week, bicycle to and from work and have my
days free until 5pm. If I could get by with working less I would, but I do
have basic life expenses. My other half brings in a check as well. I count
my blessings our household isn’t dependent on government hand outs to

TheIrcbully says:

I got the Ebola virus between my legs 

wc02 says:

saved teh best for last. Good video George.

ArchimedeanEye says:

You should check out the work of Thomas Campbell – My Big Toe.
His theory is that this is a virtual reality world based on information.

vince jr. says:

Right on g4t

Double Down says:

Excellent video George!

Scardy Kat says:

Good video

Papa Smurf says:

It’s amazing that it’s so popular for people in the freedom movement to not
want to vote. That’s why we have all these dickheads in charge. 

Spetsnaz Chaos says:

Yeah Baby! Now you are talking!

Just Me Chynna says:

so who do we believe then?? we didnt make th Africans sick! so i wont be
sorry about that! I we will feel sorrow for those suffering with this
horrible disease.

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