Ebola Outbreak: 'We're having to make impossible choices' says British doctor- BBC News

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British doctor Oliver Johnson, who works at an Ebola treatment centre in Sierra Leone, talks about the strain of caring for patients who he knows will almost certainly die.

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Terrifying World says:

If any of you are interested in learning more about Ebola and other infectious disease epidemics, check out our channel! We are an entire channel dedicated to telling the story of these pandemics and epidemics throughout history! These things are fascinating and important! We put up a new video every week! 

SeekTruthinLight says:

The truth is, in our doubt, we have not taken Ebola as serious as we should of, and are now being humbled to that truth in the wake of denying the truth on some level; and in the pride of the experts they have fallen short, because of their way of mitigating the concerns of truth presented, even in their being experienced they still contracted the disease, which also tells us something. We must face the truth of the spirit of Ebola of it's way of being; where it seeks to live at the expense of human life, spreading fear doubt and death to the unsuspecting, which parallels evil. We must not underestimate Ebola's stealthy ways, unseen by the host until its too late, which seek to rob us of life. We learn from the word of God, we must "abide in truth" on every level in order to preserve life in peace and happiness. Truth is of that spirit within us, being the spirit of preserving life. When we see a truth and disregard it, it then is error, perhaps leading to physical error. If you see a wrinkle in a rug, it is a truth you recognize, if you disregard the truth, it can lead to others suffering, where we are humbled when we hear someone tripped, to take upon a bad spirit of error. But if we recognize the truth and fully give in effort to fix it, where we then are at peace in sparing others from suffering giving them peace. How ironic. SO it is the spirit of truth and the spirit of charity that we give effort to give mercy to others to then have peace and freedom from suffering, even from the bad spirits of sorrow, which would come of a reminder of sorrow every time we see a rug, a spirit of bondage of the spirit of error. Where doubt is that which has us deny the truth we recognize, to then error if we doubt someone would trip, or to be too Proud to fix the rug saying "its someone else's job," or the other person will fix it, all ways leading to error, of doubt. Like if one around Ebola recognizes a truth about the type of protective medical gown being not sufficient, for example, making a truth known because it is a worthy truth recognized, made known of the spirit of preserving life, where to deny it is to take upon a spirit of error, distraction and fear, in having doubt about the mask and gown, seeing the truth of how it is insufficient, even giving to anxiety and unrest; where the spirit of truth is saying there is error to come if you deny it, but if we then doubt as to deny the truth, we are at higher risk because of the distracting spirit of fear, in not being at peace in work, where if we recognize the truth, going the way of preserving life we have peace in having better protection, addressing the truth presented. If we abide in truth providing better protection that fear and doubt is mitigated. It is in this way of the spirit that we can get through this Ebola crisis, in recognizing the truth when presented on all levels, putting the preservation of life above doubt, in abiding in the spirit of Love. We can't let political correctness and soothsaying in the blindness of pride swaying what the spirit is telling us, listening to those who are in error themselves. We must face these truths with all seriousness as there is little room for error. Those who abide in truth receive truth well. Where those who doubt in Pride do not. It is in our mitigating the fear with truth and love that this crisis is mitigated, lest it spreads fear, doubt and death which is mitigated in Pride, the Pride of fear in the way of life and the pride of the law in the way of death. Punishing people for our lack of prudence. We must not spare expense, giving to helping them contain these disease even in proving food and temporary shelter while in quarantine, so they will be willing to go the way in contributing to its eradication. This is that pale horse of revelation riding of the judgment of man, our failing to judge rightly, causing the wrath of our own making in part, in denying the truth along the way. Where we must take serious this to make every effort to abide in truth on every level. We must ban flight and make quarantine a part of traveling where all of us must face the truth of Ebola in love and concern, not only for our selves, but for others, as if we don't this will be the test of all test, of our love. The must have travel restrictions as the truth warrants it, even the towns where these hospitals treating Ebola need to be moved and the land treated. the remains burned to prevent animals and bugs from eating it, spreading it in the food chain. Whenever the spirit of truth warns us, we need to address it, as to be spared the error, even in mitigating Ebola. We are already in error since the beginning, even as some in Pride thought they could save the world on their own in containing Ebola, and now there is much more work than before, as now even more people are at risk. In truth we need to contain Ebola in their countries, which means strict protocols need to be in place providing comfort and understanding to the people, helping those people making them comfortable in there sacrifice for us all. This is one of the more serious threats to the nation where it is in our love that we can stop it, the question is do we have enough of a connection to God to go the way of life. Airline personnel should be allowed to where protective clothing don't you think on these flights, not allowing fear of how it will look to stop flight attendants from being protected, so they can have peace. People will understand if we abide in truth as to mitigate their concerns, giving comfort and consideration of their sacrifices. The way of Jesus is the only way because, the only way is Love. I pray we abide in truth, if we don't , we suffer in the error, even of the error of denying the spiritual truth, for error of spirit sometimes bring armies of destruction. God sent word of his love to spare us the error of suffering.

ToonandBBfan says:

If Ebola thinks its such a hard bastard lets see who wins between it and Crocodile blood.
My money is on the Croc blood!

MK L says:

Did he say SURVIVORS?? Would love to see the survivors.

Fuzz Labrador says:

nice lad . hope he survives. 

SitcomedyCD says:

He looks like Rori from Dr. Hoo.

boobio1 says:

Good luck ebola chan!

B Dogg says:

God bless you doc

Gerard Guidry says:

A tough situation Dr. Oliver Johnson . . . you hang in there.  You are a marvelous human being!  I can't imagine the horror your facing.  The world owes you and your like so much.  Thank you . . . THANK YOU!!!  (Nashua, NH)

MrFurling says:

More Fear and BS just like swine flu. Say No to poison vaccines!  

Jack says:

He seems to be handling all of that death and misery really well. I guess he is made of "the right stuff" to be in that situation.

Rita G says:

You mean they can walk in and die the next day. 

maszlagma says:

I hope that they get it under control, sounds horrible….

MrCati says:

It is the impossible choices, that I feel have been designed into the Ebola Virus scenario. Ebola is meant to be overwhelming for medical staff and will create medical supplies shortages, so much so, that life and death decisions are taking on a new face in the shadow of the Ebola virus. Medical personnel shortages, through illness or attrition, will eventually become a reality, and so will shortages of medical supplies and medicines needed to treat the infected Ebola victims. This will lead, I feel, to other govt. draconian measures and means, to humanely dispose of or terminate the lives of all  infected patients, that cannot be treated or saved. Much more discussion is needed on Ebola and what such new life and death decisions mean, in an Ebola Virus pandemic environment.

Lee Burkett says:

Here's the thing:
What seems to be lacking in all Western media regarding the current ebola outbreak is the known science about infectious diseases.
In assessing the risks there are four areas of concern; contagion, viability, infection and containment.
Contagion deals with how the disease is spread, and how easily it is spread. Ebolavirus is considered to be low contagion as it is only spread by contact with bodily fluids of those infected. A common cold or the flu are high contagion as they are air-borne.
The viability of the pathogen is also considered. Viability concerns how long the virus can survive outside it's host. Ebolavirus, under the best conditions (low light, high humidity), only survives for a few hours, thus reducing the chances of contracting the virus through secondary contact.
Infection deals with the percentage of people who contract the disease after exposure. Ebola has a very high rate of infection. In this current outbreak, while estimates do vary, it appears that somewhere between 80-90% of those exposed by direct contact with bodily fluids will develop the disease. And the mortality rate is right around 50%.
Incubation (the amount of time it takes to develop symptoms after exposure) also plays an important role in determining risk. In the case of ebola, it can take up to 21 days from exposure to onset. Fortunately ebola carriers are not contagious until symptoms are present, unlike a cold or the flu where the carrier need not have any symptoms to be contagious.
This relates directly to the 4th criteria for risk assessment: containment. Quite simply this is how easy or difficult it is to isolate the patients and keep contact with others to a minimum.
Unfortunately early symptoms of ebola mimic the common cold or flu. Because it is traditional in West Africa for family members to prepare the dead for burial, contagion is very high, both through direct contact with bodily fluids and through secondary contact (viability) as someone washing out a rag used to wipe sweat or other bodily fluids from a sufferer has a high chance of infection.
So by the time several hundred people had died from the disease, multiple thousands had been exposed. Exposure increases exponentially and containment becomes an impossibility.

TheClassicalSauce says:

Good story.

IronicallyVague says:

He reminds me of my dog wagging his tale when I took him in to get him snipped.

Greg Allen says:

Will we be ok :(

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