Ebola Outbreak: Quarantined contacts struggle to access food

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More than 2 thousand people have died in the latest outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. With the number of cases climbing daily, response teams are battling to stop the virus from spreading to new villages. Part of their efforts require placing those who have come into contact with patients under quarantine.

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Imtiaz Khan says:

Pakistani ebola capital

Aiden Fletcher says:

Stop having kids that might help

3rd Reich says:

Im sure that this is done by Israel with the help of CIA for global domination!

michelle x says:

4 Thieves essential oil and Garcinia Kola cure Ebola i found the Patent. Patents prove Ebola is manmade

Kris P. Bacon says:

2,000 deaths? Hmm, that seems like a very small problem. 2,000 people die from suicide every five minutes and nobody is panicked by that.
Do you have any idea how many pigs have been killed from the latest swine flu epidemic? Hundreds of millions.
The pig problem could very well lead to famine and mass starvation in many parts of the world.
Tell the natives to stop exchanging bodily fluids (use condoms) with infected people and it will be fine. Please focus on the bigger picture.

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