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Please take the time to inform yourself before jumping to conclusions on Ebola. Also, panic isn’t acceptable in any case. Like video for cute kittens? Center…

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Andrew Botha says:

See RSOES EDIS 29 th Sept 2014 report, and ask why 25 USA States are
infected with EBOLA ! Mhhhhm I wonder why they said 1500 cases mhhhhhh ? 18
th Oct and they chanaged it to a Virus which causes breathing problems
with children ! I wonder why so few USA Citizens know about it, when it
was URGENTLY removed by the USA Government on the 30 th Sept 2014, just
saying it was unknown. How many are infected ? They still show 1500 naming
it Ebola, and they removed the direct names of the States.
Are you actually seeing the News in the USA, or are you all being given
I can give you the Report of the dates 25 th to 30 th Sept 2014. GIve me a
call !
MHHHHHHHHHHH…..BELHAZOR3457 ? Is it not perhaps BELAZAR – SATAN ? I am
wondering if you know about the FEMA camps and thousands of thousands of
Coffins in the USA ? Oh Hell, I forgot…. how could you ? NWO ? Just
wondering who the heck you are or work for ? THE USA Government Health
Deprtment ?
I can assure you all the way from Africa, that you are infected inthe
USA,and yes you should worry !

belthazor3457 says:

Please take the time to inform yourself about ebola before jumping to
conclusions on it. Relevant links provided in the description box. Also,
regardless of the situation, panic is unacceptable. We have higher
responsibilities than that. Like video for cute kitten? 

Slaughtz says:

My conclusion upon hearing it: Another Swine Flu panic to keep people
scared of harmless crap. It’s likely another case of something which
produces less fatalities per year than the common cold does. My subsequent
actions: Look up as to whether or not this is the case. Informed (falsely
or not) conclusion: It is.

BloxyStudios says:

these “hundreds” of people are from Dallas, and in 21 days, no symptoms

worzel gummage357 says:

Your a cunt alot of people have died from this. Have some respect for the
dead instead of taking the piss in a very gay voice.

Bruce Wayne says:

Does anyone feel like if everyone in America, or in fact any country
watched this channel, stuff like the GPD of that country would shoot up.

doomlord117 says:

What you didn’t hear? This is a thing god will use to kill all the gays, or
was it muslims?

david tram says:

Great speaker. Subscribed. 

Forced G+ Account says:

Just one question: When will you record the videos in proper 4:3 or 5:4
ratio you use instead of a stretched 16:9?

The PhD says:

I found this thoroughly amusing, well done XD The sad part about it is how
many people do stick to the complete opposite of panic and complete
dismissal, and how many of both watch the news even though they know what
they are going to see. 

Jamie Comer says:

ol my god everyone losses their mind rofl

Stephen C. says:

great vid!

Ian Gomersall says:

Fire and brimstone ! Fire and brimstone we are all going to die I’m a
scientist I know fire and brim stone. . . Ok now that I’m done with that,
keep posting these videos it’s a relief to find someone who isn’t a

Oppa Emu says:

I love you Ebola-chan!

ref4nej2 says:

It’s obviously some kind of government mind control worm and you’re simply
being controlled by it with your ‘educated’ conclusion based off of more
brainwashed, puppet, egg heads that probably created it in the first place.

No doubt a scheme to enslave the Human race, and what better place to use
as a test bed other than the proven HIV testing grounds of Africa.

I am a professor in microbiology, politics, astrology and served with the
Navy Seals for 17 years, 6 deployments being in Africa. I know what I’m
talking about. But you can continue with your fancy facts and research,
government puppet! 

szeredai akos says:

from my research i have concluded it is not a virus which likes traveling
through air allot and it doesn’t have a high infection rate with contact or
even blood couple that with high detection potential it’s hardly a
dangerous virus.

mutation rate is also low in humans. the only way for ebola to have a
chance is to cook up a strain in the animal kingdoms where it has a higher
population to work with unobstructed, thus higher mutation rate, and open
new vectors of transition. and then of course there is the issue of jumping
to humans.

unfortunately even with higher infectivity, is not a global threat unless
if it devolves the symptoms (good luck with that) and goes stealth.

if you want real panic. i give you real panic. one word: rhinovirus
BTW, i am recovering from a nasty bike accident.

Leivve says:

The plague that will wipe out humanity will be the simple flu. Just watch.

Caleb Coleman says:


Sergeant Hastagazpacho says:

average american right now.

Anh Nguyen says:

Another great video, keep up the good work!

Cosimo Faieta says:

I like you balth

danutter2012 says:

The video may not a be big view hogging thing but the title begs to differ

Adam C says:

I just hope you catch ebola after listening to this video.

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