Ebola outbreak: how the virus can spread

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According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it is not understood how the Ebola virus first appears in humans in the event of an o…


royalmac1011 says:

Let’s be real now, when is the last time you had someone
piss,shit,sweat,bleed,spit or throw mucus or semen on you? Sweat maybe but
to be honest this isn’t as bad as everybody claims it to be.

12njr says:

then HOW dafuq did the ebola patient in dallas(died)
infected his nurse? body fluids? i think not since
the nurse is wearing protective gear
there shud be somthing theyre hiding to make us calmer or something we dont

joey gutierrez says:

A white male with a marine haircut? there is no such thing as a marine
haircut there’s military cut and a bald head 

FirePhoenix says:

Ok if you don’t want to get infected here is once easy simple trick, it may
be a little hard at first but it’s worth it…

TakahashiMisaki5 says:

you forgot to mention that a sick person in close proximity to you can
cough or sneeze at you, transferring saliva and mucus onto you and infect
seriously tomonews, a little common sense… did your staff even graduate
from highschool…?

squito94 says:

Those ebola health care workers look hilarious walking in a line. They
remind me of aliens.

Fiat Lux says:

If Ebola was truly airborne, as some moronic conspiracy theorist suggest,
Ebola would have already spread very, very quickly in the US and around the
globe, infecting thousands – if not millions – within months.

Linda n says:

Government said that it aint contagious, watch it spread everywhere… 

Im A Fanboy says:

I’m sorry, but all those people with Ebola should be taken to Africa until
they’re cured.

Al i says:

i live in morocco no Ebola cases yet

debbi williams says:

I just want to point out that people want every deadly virus comes
Africa.The next deadly virus is going to come from Africa I bet.

deathmire11 says:

Ebola will spread through the fucking ocean causing the next mass
extinction!!!!!!! Hahahaha (nervous laugh)… But seriously though. We are
so fucked.

Austin Bell says:

Just dont go banging any african prostitutes and your good. and dont get
sneezed on.

NightWolfXVI says:

Ebola is going to be airborne pretty soon cause virus’s mutate if anybody
seen that movie outbreak they know what I’m talking. 

mad largetrks says:

Wait till it gets cold Ebola can not survive airborne in hot weather, this
is a bio weapon they can make it do whatever they want, they will never let
a good crisis go to waist, prepare too meet ur maker

joyis9638 says:

Almost all of this is WRONG …. How do you think the medical assistant in
Texas got it? Close contact CAN infect you ..

Robert Johnson says:

Ebola is not airborne, except when near an unfortunate sick with the virus.

Primal Reilon says:

Have some Ebola facts 😛
Because most people seem to thing they could have it, even though they
haven’t been anywhere near it.

Toasted Orphan says:

Who the fuck will put semen on you exactly how. “Cough” BOWJOB! No but
seriously be more specific tomonews 

TravisLogico says:

I kinda hope this virus spreads in every country and become major problem
to mankind, maybe everyone in the world will be united and forget the
actual problems.

Jefferson Rodriguez says:

Lmao its gonna be funny when he says his first “HAAAAAAP!!” In his new house

Mr Slam says:

I lace my drugs with ebola and I get high as fuck!

Assy McTurds says:

I love you, Ebola-chan

max charlikowsky says:

I just peed on every one of u

Toasted Orphan says:

Is it me or the people walking with the gear look like those tiny
scientist/potion makers from shrek 

SPC Gaming says:

We r doomed…

MadCityBabe says:

All it takes is one person…thanks to Mr. Duncun…..we’re in a
potentially spiraling and fatal shit storm. I am outraged. We don’t need
this shit in the states or anywhere else for that matter!

Diamond white says:


Lazy SoFa says:

Hopefully it will end soon…. Hopefully.

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