Ebola outbreak: Deadliest on record – BBC News

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Most border crossings in Liberia are being closed to try to halt the spread of Ebola. Testing centres are to be set up at the few major entry points to the country which will remain open, such as the international airport. The new restrictions followed the first meeting of a task force established by the Liberian government to tackle the highly infectious virus. Emily Thomas reports.

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Hockey Joe says:

Oh stop bull with the bullshit.this was predicted on the simpsons cartoon long ago.freemasons!!!!
Wicked stuff

spamtelevision says:

The ebola virus is created artificially to kill all black people !

dethbyspud says:

Conspiracy theorists wet dream right here.  Lets see how creative you are.  You've got 10 seconds to come up with one that doesn't involve the Govt. And go…………..

Uncle Benny says:

Yo imagine if that ebola shit hit Beijing

mark32646 says:

Will this mean more sanctions against Russia?

RE EE EE EEE says:


Do you fucks realize that most of the people INFECTED will probably die? Might not be 90% yet but just you wait.

SuperHackerstyle says:

After playing plague inc and seeing the news i was like: "Oh shiiiiit!Oh shiiiiit! I hope the iCure device will be ready soon otherwise i move to Greenland;and Evolution,please don't be a dick and turn this into Necroa virus! Or at least wait until Mass effect 4 is out." 😀

Kevin Parks says:

This virus can be spread through the air and it is bull shit that all of the western media is saying that this can only be spread through contact with bodily fluids.  There was a study that was done that showed Ebola is able to spread through air via droplets from a sneeze or cough.  This is scary because this misinformation is preventing people from taking the appropriate measures needed to stop them from getting sick and Dying.. This is a very big deal and it needs to be brought to peoples attention.  If this makes it to the states get ready for mass pandemonium..

c cun says:

.. They can stop this all by stopping flights around the world .. and not taken people out these's country's until there been tested and its came back negative and even then taken over the top care when they do come home e.g washing and burning of clothes .. this is spread far more easily as they have just made clear this helper from u.s has all this protective stuff on but still gets the virus! . this virus has been out for years and only now because it can harm other wealthier countrys that there giving a care these illnesses would NOT happen if people helped working with these country's  on hygiene and other areas. Theses places are poor and hygiene arent up to the same as Europe and u.s but many of the virus today are coming from these poor places and only when they get out of hand are people caring. there are things you can do before it or if it hits your city.. buy food from your country , wash hands , shower , these kind of things .

kell ali says:

bio warfare against niggers

karmalevel says:

just wait till it hits London

karmalevel says:

It's getting way worse day by day

walter0bz says:

this is nature's reaction to human overpopulation. this is what we get for not controlling our numbers with enough birth control

Abbie Eberhardt says:

Okay so I have seen this on the news. People have emailed me about it too. They make it sound like a zombie virus. People have survived this…… So I am praying that this will outbreak will slowly end

Itzz Jess says:

I'm 14 and scared of it coming to the UK

Mary T says:

Not all of Africa lives in poverty contrary to popular belief. Major cities in Nigeria such as, Lagos, Delta, and Rivers quarterly GDPs exceed 20 billion dollars. Nigeria also has the highest GDP in all of Africa, and it is predicted that the growing nation will become a world powerhouse by the year 2030, bringing in 1.6 trillion dollars annually.

The countries that the Ebola virus have spread too are some of the poorest nations is Africa, so stop using this video to make assumptions about all of Africa. 

Master Yoda says:

Combine this with rabies and you got yourself the zombie virus

neweyes777 says:

Their International Airport is still open, are you kidding me?!!!!!!!!!!!

Linda Strange says:

Are these commenters real!  Hate mongers.  There is enough of that chatter, get educated, travel and get a life, please.   

Albert Einstein says:

The people in these places are saying its a load of rubbish and its all a scam. The boarders need to be closed, airports need to be shut down, no flights in or out. This virus can linger in the body for up to 3 weeks.

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