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Ebola outbreak ‘could reach UK’ | Ebola Videos

Ebola outbreak ‘could reach UK’

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A leading virologist has warned that Ebola could be coming to the UK because the nature of the virus means that it is difficult to contain. Dr Ben Neuman from the University of Reading speaking…

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Bane Hardly says:

I see so many conflicting cases regarding Ebola in the British Press. First
its deadly, then its low risk, then its rapidly spreading, then its
unlikely to reach the UK.

A news story to distract us from the slaughtering of hundreds of children
in Gaza, started by the hands of the western government arming Israel. But
its OK, we need to focus our attention on a virus that has been spreading
since February, and should have been contained and eradicated months ago. 

Novacaikmonster™ | Minecraft & Gaming! ツ says:

Everyone repent. Only our savior Jesus Christ can help us. We need to
repent and he will give us the intelligence to cure this dreaded virus 

The Crozerlad says:

The UK has a higher chance of tackling this disease! I am confident that
Ebola will be in for a shock! Humanity hasn’t ended! No my friends we are
just getting started! I will admit Ebola is as crazy as hell. But we are
humanity we have knowledge and wisdom and plenty of power! I have full
faith in God and humanity! We will not end just yet we will end when meant
to! And to all you people who think we are fucked we are not! (Note I am
telling the truth and seek to comfort those who are frightened and scared
of this deadly disease). We tackled it before we can certainly do it

Adam Boumedine says:

I have an idea NO ONE ELSE COMES INTO THE UK I rest my case

whatever3210 says:

They are trying to keep the world from panicking. I’m almost certain.

Jragedape says:

And here I am prepping for the zombie virus , shit ! 

Gimley Stone says:

Liar. Ebola can spread very easily and there are reports and evidence that
Ebola may be an air born virus. This will not be easy to contain if it

TheReaperKing15 says:


emily ShaytardsFan says:

Keep that disease in Africa , I DONT FUCKIN WANT IT 

Geoff Heisenberg says:

Why is he talking like he is addressing a kindergarden. If it is so hard to
catch then why did the top Doctor in Seira Leone get infected? This guy
seems to be downplaying things somewhat, in my entirely ignorant opinion.

Scarlett Dennen says:

If you have Ebola DO NOT come to the UK! 


This disease was first confirmed in 76. Since then it has largely been
overlooked because of the cost involved in creating a vaccine or cure. If
it affects the rich, then they start looking at solutions.

Is Ebola yet another created virus? Just like AIDS was supposedly created
by doctors using monkeys for a polio vaccine in Africa.

AtTheBigEnd says:

Disease is hard to catch, but not for the West Africans it isn’t!

Johnny Lee says:


SparkGlassesP (スパーク眼鏡P) says:

We do have to account that ebola can become airborne, due to how it mutates
after each infection.

Mario Djameh says:

thoughts on Ebola coming to the UK

Callum Pearce says:

When Ebola hits Britain… I won’t even be scared. 

stjimmy9151 says:

it has

Neil Beggs says:

This is bullshit, such a fragile little virus… If it’s so hard to catch
why are doctors and nurse running about in cosmonaut suits and isolating
People like the guy above scare me 

Marcos Rios says:

If it hits uk we are dead basically 

KiansLifeAdventures says:

Wrong in 2012 scientists found out I can be spread in air

Ghostlybot says:

So will the human race become extinct? Or will we live another year ?

Andy Gomez says:

Welp, the human race had a nice run.

Felix Sanchez says:

This is the power of GLOBALIZATION!!! Don’t get too confident as “you

singingcatlady nixon says:

Guys ebola is scaring insane and also worrying but I agree with the
crozelad if we stick to gether we will beat ebola this is not the end I am
a fellow brit just like you guys and I’m worried to but we have to have
faith in our country they will not let us down

Jangzie says:

To be quite honest, I call bullshit to this guy. It is well known that
viruses mutate! Fair enough, you could only contract Ebola if you contact
through bodily fluids but don’t you think it would’ve become airborne by
now. It’s strange to think that all the people who have contracted the
disease in Sierra Leone have been fiddling with vomit, sweat and other
secretions and then ingested the virus through the mouth or eyes. Makes you
wonder if they are trying to cover up something. Call me crazy all you
want, but what is it that they are trying to hide?!?!

CrazyGaming says:

good to know its hard to spread and also that we may not get it in UK me
and my friends are really concerned about this.

Laura Halil says:

God will help us i hope thank you god pls protect me and my relatives

octoberisloveryley says:

This gets me so mad! This man is so very wrong. New research is suggesting
that it may be by droplets in air, and already confirmed it CAN be
transferred by skin to skin contact. Also, if someone vomits, or gets any
type of body fluid on a toilet and then someone else uses it; there is a
HUGE chance they will contract the virus. It’s information like this that
has people lax on washing hands etc. MOST people taking care of sick
relatives are also diagnosed with the disease, and in a lot of cases wipes
out whole families. 

LadyDanielle Zana says:

So basically , hygiene and strong immune system is a prerequisite, to
reduce chances of infection.

Ali pada john says:

Mad cow, Bird flue, Swine flue and now Ebola.
We are getting ready for a war right, with?

YourGirlLou says:

I’m not saying it’s true, but I’ve heard around that Ebola actually travels
through the air?

The spectre 360 says:

Ok phew relief just don’t touch anyone

cakesofdeath says:

I’m still scared i might get mad cow disease. I still haven’t slept much
since the swine flu epidemic. Was getting it together just when Bird flu
happened this is gonna tip me over the edge!

Samuel Oliver says:

I believe when Ebola does come into the UK, we will have the skills and
understanding to manage it.

MrMineYT says:

fuck them african bannana pickers

Deloxry 3014 says:

basically is ebola like a fungus? because fungus is extremely hard to
spread they must be in contact like get in your mouth or inside into your

lazyperson55 says:

I hope no fricken Africans come check out my recent activities to see the
comments I put on some videos please and reply if I wrote something wrong

Kevin Francis says:

Every1 seems to forget that those countries in africa dont hav a lot of
clean water in some of those countries or gd docters but the uk does

Debs Singh says:

I’m scared

Tony Holland says:

This virus… the so called (EBOLA) is an airborne virus! When tested
between pigs and chickens if I can recall? Please correct me if I’m wrong?
But the fact of the matter is that the chicken when placed in a separate
area atleast 20 feet away contracted ebola through the air from a testing
lab facility from the pig!!! Don’t by any means underestimate this virus
especially before they’ve sold us the miracle vaccinations created by stock
share company’s. These pharmaceutical companies have exploded in value
snince and stands to make trillions of dollars!!! Stocks skyrocketed 2days
after the ebola crises started in Africa….. Why????? NWO!!!

Joe M says:

There was a growing concern of air transmission of ebola


“What we suspect is happening is large droplets – they can stay in the air,
but not long, they don’t go far,” he explained.

“But they can be absorbed in the airway and this is how the infection
starts, and this is what we think, because we saw a lot of evidence in the
lungs of the non-human primates that the virus got in that way.”

sw1000xg says:

Already here, people today are totally retarded. You contain something
like this not fly it across the world!

Xenon clan Tom says:

can i just ask? are we more likely to find aliens on the planet or have
ebola come to our country

MadTRAP 01 says:

i was so scared i think i did diherra

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