Ebola outbreak confirmed in DR Congo

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Local health officials reported 21 patients showing signs of the disease around the village of Ikoko Impenge, near the town of Bikoro.

READ MORE : http://www.euronews.com/2018/05/09/ebola-outbreak-confirmed-in-dr-congo

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Mntana kaYise says:

Maan Bill is on another level , they always use black ppl to test their evil vaccines but in that day words like "what did we do" or "what about us " will be coming out of your mouths, it will be terrible day indeed.

cris Rickelme says:

Meu deus de novo esse vírus é cruel Deus nos livre e nos guarde 😓

Chilli ._. says:

Too soon for memes guys like grow tf up.

Chyke 62 says:

Oh God, ….Not again.

CellSea says:

Is this like the 2013 outbreak or smaller outbreak

ahuuah says:

Agenda 21 ……..Secret Weapon for Quite War………Who has the Patent for this Ebola virus…?????

Emelie Viljanen says:

Imma just wait til it comes to Europe…😐 This is how illuminati want more than half of the world to die. Congrats illuminati u won.

Upscale Avenue says:

Ebola and other viruses continue to emerge due to deforestation. Hope WHO can contain the outbreak as quickly as possible!

personxxi says:

¿Cómo evoluciona el brote de ébola en el Congo? ¿Qué medidas de contención se utilizarán? Te informamos aquí. 👇👇

Bernie Bernstein says:

We worry so much about ebola but how many people have died in the passed week from the plain old regular flu?

RAWSNL says:

Dis is da wae my bruddas.

Kill says:


sambuka1990 says:

Wont be funny when something similar hits mainland europe 😂 something is coming, 😇😎

Jan Hoogendijk says:

Why people put thumb up or down? This disease is terrible.

RI ZE says:

Coming to cities near you via invaders (migrants)😐

21st Century Heretic says:

Go to Israel Congolese, they can help you!

Caesar Augustus says:

thank you ebola-chan

Julius von Haynau says:


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