Ebola Outbreak 2014 – Dr. Colbert Gives You the Facts

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Currently there are 7,178 cases of Ebola reported in Africa with estimates of over 21,000 cases when factoring both reported and unreported. The CDC predicts the Ebola virus at it’s current growth will infect 1.4 million people. Dr. Colbert gives you the facts about Ebola, prevention measures and a scripture to stand on God’s word.


UltimateDevFor Life says:

I got Ebo la la la you got Ebo la la la

P.Gallo AllAmericanAngel says:

why does every single video about Ebola leave out one of the main symptoms? Red eyes? Red eyes is one of the first symptoms of Ebola and its NEVER mentioned. and if its so hard to catch why have so many health care workers caught it? I highly doubt they are swapping spit with these poor people.

Lok Tom says:

Thanks for nothing from this video .Lacking important information about the human immune system cannot defend against this deadly virus no matter how healthy or clean you are. If the contamination does spread on unsuspecting surfaces by unsuspecting victims or victims heading for help , then it would be too late. So much for the hard to & slow spreading virus in the open mass public.

Stephanie Hamilton says:

If it is so hard to get it and only getting to people thru poo and pee are people playing with it? You say it's possible but unlikely to get it thru sweat or saliva yet we were told Duncan only rode n the cab with the pregnant woman I honestly don't see people getting it so much as they r if the way they r getting it is thru handling urine and poop also if it is so unlikely to get it any other way why is it the drs and nurses are wearing bio suits and spraying themselves with bleach I just don't see that for something that's not spreading thru sweat and saliva to me what u r saying is it spreads thru urine and poop 95 percent of the time and other ways 5 also I've hard so many drs say 2 to 21 day and others say up to 54 days and that you have to have symptoms does that mean if I have a headache I'm contagious or would it have to be a fever I'm just trying to get a full picture here and it seems to me from the cases here in the u s that if u have hospital care u have a huge chance u will live thru it only one out of something like 5 died here in the us so are the people in Africa dying due to bad care? This has got to be the most confusing virus I've ever tried to understand

Fred Blanton says:

http://www.naturalnews.com/047317_Ebola_Reston_airborne_transmission_USAMRIID.html   This research in 1990 seems to show that it's Airborne

harrisonrg777 says:

so i guess all the plagues that have effected the world over only effected people who didn't pray??? didn't the guy start the video off by saying how many more people will get ebola in 4 months??

adam humphrey says:


Ricardo Cruz says:

It is airborne.  It needs the right temperature and moisture to be alive in the air.  If Africa was a more humid environment there would be millions more infected.  It is airborne as flakes of dried skin, blood, feces, vomit, sweat, urine.  The clothing and bedding of infected people are the avenues that make the virus airborne, as well as sneezing coughing, flatulence, etc.  The U.S. will respond with military precision.

yaphead20 says:

You Dr are ONE of the good ones.. i SALUTE you.  Peace and Love to all

Uniq Rmbo says:

good luck everybody

Uniq Rmbo says:

they say its gonna break out in belgium where i live so im probably gonna die and im only  13

Trisha Thomas says:

Arguing like this is pointless and very immature. Whether you believe in God or not it is very immature to get all huffy over someone else's opinions. We are all entitled to our beliefs and I feel very sorry for all of you who do not believe in the lord. If you don't have hope and faith in the lord then what do you have hope and faith in? Can you all imagine… Not existing? You lack belief in God but what is there without him? I find that would be a very scary thought. He sent is only son to earth knowing that he would be crucified but out of love for all of his children he sent part of him to be brutally beaten and crucified to save all from sin so that they may not die but live in heaven with our lord thy God for all eternity. God never leaves us but when you deny god he will deny you entry into the kingdom of heaven.. But he will always love you. This Ebola virus is a man made epidemic. Countries that lack sanitation are breeding grounds for bacteria. Man went over there and brought it back. We have no one to blame but ourselves for lacking common sense. All we can do is pray and practice good hygiene . I pray for all of the blind and non-believer's that he will touch your heart today and I hope you will let the Lord in. God Bless ❤

Kacey says:

Is he really a doctor, or does he just play one on youtube? It is easy to catch ebola and the evidence is how much it is spreading within Africa right now. They say it's not airborne and I don't know if I can believe that either.

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