Ebola outbreak 2014: Doctors without Border runs treatment centres across West Africa

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As the number of Ebola deaths exceeds 3,000, the international community is rushing to build more treatment centres to accommodate the increasing number of patients.

The World Health Organisation said at least 208 medical workers have been killed in the Ebola epidemic, which shows no signs of abating.

Doctors without Borders is currently running six medical facilities across Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

After arriving at a treatment centre, patients exhibiting Ebola symptoms will be led to the triage area, where medical workers assess the patient’s risk of an Ebola infection.

The facility consists of a low-probability ward, a high-probability ward and an Ebola ward. Every ward is equipped with a patient toilet and shower and is managed by medical staff in full protective gear.

Patients strong enough are allowed to walk around the facility. Visitors can only stay outside of the treatment centre, where double fences separate patients and visitors to lower the risk of infections.

Bodies of Ebola patients are highly infectious. The bodies are disinfected with a 0.5 percent chlorine solution and stored in the mortuary for some time before they can be buried nearby.

Before leaving the treatment facility, medical workers are required to take decontamination showers before taking off their protective wear.


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