Ebola: Orphans shunned over disease fears

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More than 10,000 children are thought to have been orphaned by Ebola in West Africa, with the majority in Sierra Leone.

Many of these children fell ill themselves but survived, and now they are being shunned by communities terrified of catching the virus.

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Vance H says:

Sharing, Justice and Peace for all will Save Our Planet.

Daniel Kolosov says:

so upseting

Wa Gamer House says:

It's unfortunate the U.S.A. doesn't do more to help in situations like this. Our response  to "terror" is quick and without question. But how can human suffering and tragedy be so  easily ignored?

derp derp says:

I see people complaining about their tax money being wasted on military technology but I never see them complain about their charity money being put to waste every year. Nothing changes in these countries.

Sebastian Moscoso says:

Stay strong my beautiful brothers and sisters, everything will be okay :)

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