Ebola Orphans of Liberia

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Ebola is creating thousands of orphans in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, raising fears of a new lost generation in countries still recovering from civil conflict. Plan is on the ground fighting the outbreak and assisting children by offering psychosocial support.

The United Nations Children’s Fund says at least 3,700 children in Ebola-affected Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone have lost a parent to Ebola. The number of orphaned children is soaring along with the death toll.

Support the Plan response: http://plan-international.org/ebola


jksatte says:

Breaks my heart. Thankfully, some have a heart to help the orphans and some are recovering. God is good.  Janice

Moses Browne says:

A Very Touching Video!
My Heart Is Broken!
Too Sad To Watch.
We Will Forever Remember #EBOLA  

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