Ebola: Nigeria is finnaly free from EBOLA Clearance October 20

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The World Health Organization has lauded Nigeria’s efforts in combating the Ebola outbreak saying that the scourge had basically been contained in the country.

However, an official clearance will not be issued to Nigeria until October 20, when the 42 days follow up period elapses.

This was revealed today, October 9, by the WHO’s country Representative, Dr. Ruiz Vaz at a High Level Experts’ meeting on the virus held in Abuja, The Nation reports.

Dr. Vaz is said to have stated that if there is no new case of the disease in the country by October 20, the WHO would confirm Nigeria Ebola free.

He however warned that the country is still at risk and urged that screening at ports of entry should be intensified to prevent re-importation of the disease.

Ebola was introduced into Nigeria by late Liberian-American, Patrick Sawyer who came into the country aboard an Asky Airlines flight.


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