Ebola mobile lab in Freetown, Sierra Leone enables rapid testing

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A new mobile Ebola testing lab in Freetown, Sierra Leone would help produced quick test results to help control the worst-ever outbreak of the virus.

Some 3,069 cases have so far been reported in the outbreak, but WHO believes that the number of people affected in Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria can be two to four times higher.

The lab, backed by the World Health Organization and South Africa’s National Institute for Communicable Diseases, has already been testing dozens of specimens each day since it opened earlier this week.

“Here we can issue the result when we receive the specimens, we can issue the result within three to five hours, so the diagnostic process is shorter and obviously that helps the doctors on the ground but also epidemiologists and infections control managers to better control the outbreak,” Janusz Paweska, head of the Lakka lab, said in a Reuters report.

Another testing lab in Sierra Leone was forced to shut down after one of its Senegalese epidemiologists was infected with the virus.

Ebola is a highly communicable disease which spreads via contact with infected body fluids. There are 422 suspected and confirmed deaths in Sierra Leone as of August 28.


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