Ebola Isolation Ward

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Ebola Isolation Ward Ebola Isolation Unit Ebola Isolation Tent Patient Isolation room by http://odulair.com for #ebolaresponse. Odulair Mobile Ebola Isolation Units have a patent pending patient isolation room design which is used in the building of Odulair portable Ebola Treatment Center, Ebola mobile isolation unit, Ebola Isolation Tent, Ebola isolation Pod, Ebola isolation chamber. Ebola isolation units and Ebola Treatment Centers can be built on trucks, trailers, patient isolation system, collapsible patient isolation pod, isolation tents, and containers, and are designed and manufactured to meet and exceed CDC Ebola Isolation Precautions, Ebola Isolation Standards, Ebola Isolation Procedures, and Ebolation Isolation Guidelines.

The same patented technology is used in SARS isolation room and SARS isolation ward by Odulair.

Video produced by http://www.cayennemediagroup.com for Odulair.


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