Ebola: Is it a man-made disease or Bible plague?

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Is Ebola a fulfillment of the plague in the Bible mentioned in Revelation six (6) that kills 1/4 of the earth? My opinion on this is of little value, however…


James Dabrowski says:

I have understood what is going on in the world for a few years now. I
don’t understand everything but I get the jist. What I wondered in my
soul: do I fight? I came to the conclusion that I am to emulate Christ.
Christ didn’t kill for me. Christ died for me. I believe a Christian
must be ready to lay their life down for Christ.

Stephen Rowden says:

Africa used to be called Abyssinia in Biblical Times. Congo is famous for a
mythical beast. Ebola first reached the West from Congo. Perhaps this is
the beast from the Abyss(inia)? For reference see the seven trumpets, and
the death of the two witnesses (Revelation 9-11).

James Dabrowski says:

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been giving vaccinations to India for
years. There has been over 40k paralyzed children from the polio vaccine.
Here is a good link to a book I read while in the Army regarding Soviet era
biological weapons.

Samuel Abrams says:

What do you mean by “Kill of the race that have carried God’s Word all over
the world”? Not sure whether you know that the “Sower of the Word is the
Son of God” Matthew 13: 37, and not man?
What use is it if you carry the so-called word to the world then turn
around and kill them off. You will see how much what is done in the name of
God is not of God.
After saying some good things that makes sense you just turn around and top
it off with pride from an ungodly nation. Do you think that God’s people in
Africa are not begining to realize that the so-called european missionaries
and healthcare workers are not at the forefront of their demise? 

James Dabrowski says:

I found out today that Bill Gate’s Dad was a front runner and founder for
planned parenthood. Also, he was a eugenicist. 

María Mary Miriam says:

Good question Bob… but, can a man-made disease be considered part of a
Bible plague prophecy allowed by GOD to prove His power over ALL… “good
and evil” (Isaiah 45:7, 54:16, Jeremiah 25:6 … “and I will do you no
hurt”?… I think it can since GOD has everything under His control. If He
controls… it means He uses it in every way He pleases.

Isaiah 45:5 I am the Lord, and there is none else, there is no God beside
me: I girded thee, though thou hast not known me:
6 That they may know from the rising of the sun, and from the west, that
there is none beside me. I am the Lord, and there is none else.
7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I
the Lord do all these things.
8 Drop down, ye heavens, from above, and let the skies pour down
righteousness: let the earth open, and let them bring forth salvation, and
let righteousness spring up together; I the Lord have created it.
9 Woe unto him that striveth with his Maker! Let the potsherd strive with
the potsherds of the earth. Shall the clay say to him that fashioneth it,
What makest thou? or thy work, He hath no hands?
10 Woe unto him that saith unto his father, What begettest thou? or to the
woman, What hast thou brought forth?
11 Thus saith the Lord, the Holy One of Israel, and his Maker, Ask me of
things to come concerning my sons, and concerning the work of my hands
command ye me.
12 I have made the earth, and created man upon it: I, even my hands, have
stretched out the heavens, and all their host have I commanded.

If well understood, we should focus on the “why” instead of on the “who”
so we can emend since we already know it is our fault. He also said….

2 Chronicles 7:14If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble
themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways;
then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal
their land.

James Dabrowski says:

Doctor has two meanings… noun or verb. Noun is a medical professional.
Verb… one who falsifies or decieves.

hersheystaste4life says:

Chaplain Bob Walker B. Th: The last prophet or delusional idiot?

Miharu2020 says:

Look at all the aids research doctors that died in the plane crash

delawarecop says:

Interestingly, could disease be a preprogrammed self defense mechanism of
this reality? So that what people actually believe is a part of the formula
of the reality we experience as collective humanity? Then Love would have
to be the only way that reality operates correctly – according to its
program, but anything not of love itself, creates another reality
experience which is far less supportive of life? Hence diseases,
intolerance, atheism, fascism, hatred, bigotry, war, greed, unnatural love,
and unbridled passions of the deluded, will continue to increase until the
end on the Last Day.

Sorry, off topic here, but whats your assessment of the Leningrad Codex?

Beth Berry says:

I wondered the same thing Chaplain Bob, why would they bring those people
into the US if they want to contain it. I also heard about another person
they flew into France or somewhere like that, to take care of him like a
week or so ago… I can’t remember what country it was but it was one of
those over there. On the subject of vaccines, I stopped taking those a few
years ago once I found out what was actually in them.. and if you think
about it, either way, you have a 50/50 chance of getting sick with or
without it, so no point in poisoning yourself even more! lol…

James Dabrowski says:

The satanic groups have infiltrated the institutions of the world. I can
understand you sentiment regarding people thinking you are crazy. I was an
US Army FA officer and I brought up the possibility of the disintegration
of the US Republic back in 2008. I was mocked and ridiculed. I was a
philosophy major and was a free thinker. As for drugs… the US government
is the worlds biggest drug dealer. i did over a year incarcerated. The
CIA brings the drugs in and teh FBI distributes the drugs. Money……
Money….. Money…… controlling people… money…. mon…..

James Dabrowski says:

There is a leader of the FDA that was an accountant. 

belinda leoni says:

Ebola is not apart of the seals in Revelation 6 , these have already come
to pass in previous years , Ebola is now apart of the 7 plagues poured out
by the 7 Angels very recently , satan has been thrown down to the earth and
knows it’s time is short , the 7 plagues are a culmination of events
happening in different parts of the world to different people everywhere ,
these are judgements on a disobedient human kind , if you are a person who
follows satan knowingly you do not have much time left , all those people
who are deceived by satan you may have been too sleepy or disobedient ,
those people who are awake keep following truth , endure and receive your
direction and strength from the Creator of the Universe and Earth. If you
are a person lost , ask the Creator of the Universe and Earth to search
your heart and reveal truth to you , just like that it is so very easy if
you mean it from your heart, the title unto the spirit you call upon is
vitally important , the Son sent to the earth by the creator of the
Universe and Earth many years before our time , that ones name has been
stolen and hidden by satan the enemy , the name Jesus was not spoken threw
the lips of the generation who were alive at the time of the birth of the
Son of the Universe and Earth , this one is spoken of in the Book of
revelation and is coming with a new name yet not known to us , be safe , do
not be deceived , call on the Creator of the Universe and Earth because
satan can not counterfeit or rob that title.

James Dabrowski says:

I don’t think God created mosquitoes or diseases. Man did that.

Robin Guinn says:

God have shown this to me.Help us Lord Jesus.

Rhona Power Salad says:

Hello Mr. Walker, is it true you don’t know what to do with everything
happening as you seem to have stated near the end of the vid?

This is not popular among Christians what we must do…. but in fact I no
longer considering myself a Christian after learning the definition and
that Rome was first to use it in the 4th century and when I learned that
Christianity changed the Sabbath to Sunday and did away with the Father’s
Feasts to replace them pagan feasts such as Christmas and Easter. I do know
that we must follow the Commandments and keep the Father’s Feasts that were
laid out in the first five books of Moses – and given to all people for all
generations. And I do know that the Sabbath is the sign between The Most
High and His people forever.

I do know that we don’t have must time in Babylon (US/Canada) before it is
hit by Iran. After Syria falls (Isaiah 17:1) Iran will be provoked and this
will bring WWIII to American soil. And I do know where the place of safety.
There will be a remnant who makes it through the coming wars and plagues
into the place of safety. It is on Mt Sinai where millions will make it
only to purged down to 10 percent who will be worthy to have the eternal
body (1 Cor 15:52) to set up the 1000 years peace.

Also Ebola was designed to target the Hebrews that were scattered to the
four corners. The word Ebola is based on the word Eber meaning Hebrew. The
wars are to wipe out the Hebrews and to try to stop them from inheriting
the Kingdom to be set up for 1000 years under the Son of Man.

The Most High bless

mjwholesales . says:

I know it’s bold of me to say this, but I believe America is the daughter
of Babylon, and God does give a special command regarding those who are in
the midst of this entity.

I am no prophet either but i can read and do know that at some point God
will set a snare in Babylon so that none therein will escape the judgement.
It is my opinion only that possibly when hard martial law is implemented
this may be the snare God is referring to. 

James Dabrowski says:

Now that the US is sending the CDC to the plague areas I expect Ebola
coming into the US. Adam Weisphault was commissioned by Rothschild to
figure out how to take over the world. Weisphault btw is the guy who
started the Bavarian Illuminatti and they became more powerful by
infiltrating Masonic lodges. Weisphault came up with 25 goals to secure to
rule the world. 

mjwholesales . says:

Good stuff Bob.

I think the vaccine is the real threat, and a good test on how well we pay
attention to Gods word, vaccines are sorcery and God warned us to stay away
from such. I believe even if we are killed by some malevolent man made
virus, we’ll be better off than those who seek to save their life through
accepting govt sorcery. 

Moe says:

If I don’t have this right please correct me.. I believe the NEPHELEM are
the race of fallen angels mixed with Humans and the ILLUMINATI brag their
blood line is just that and they are gods! This was the reason for the
flood so God could wipe out the Nephelem and it is the same as the days of
Noah they are back.

Moe says:

had a strange call from my insurance company today we were disconnected and
after watching this just cancelled all doctors appointments coming up

Moe says:

they have a cure for everything cancer is cured by electricity. The Cancer
Cure That Worked!

James Dabrowski says:

MUST REALIZE>>>>>> Michelle Obama a tranny?

James Dabrowski says:

AIDS is a hoax… research Tommy Morrison for starters.

Bessica Yowell says:

Is Ebola a fulfillment of the plague in the Bible mentioned in Revelation
six (6) that kills 1/4 of the earth? My opinion on this is of little value,
however the judgment of God for sin is something to be considered.

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