EBOLA IS BACK Will we rush in to save lives?

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DAILYKENN.com — Western culture saved the lives of millions of black Africans by containing the Ebola virus.

Time for a replay.

The deadly virus re-emerged in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in April. The U.S. government is preparing for a direct response.

Western technology is again being tapped to save the lives of millions of blacks in Africa.

From The Hill ▼

In all eight of the previous known Ebola outbreaks in Congo, the virus has been contained within remote jungle villages or relatively small towns, where isolated populations are less likely to spread the disease.

But the Congo River is effectively the region’s highway system. Barges and boats travel from Kisangani in the east through major cities including Bumba, Mbandaka — and eventually Kinshasa, the capital of Congo and home to more than 11 million people, as well as Brazzaville, the capital of the Republic of Congo.

“The Congo River connects three national capitals and multiple other large cities,” said Jeremy Konyndyk, who led the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance during the 2014-2015 outbreak. “The fact that there are now several cases in an urban center of more than a million people underscores the potential for this outbreak to get out of control.”

If the Ebola virus traveled upriver from Bikoro to Mbandaka, some officials wonder, has it also traveled downstream toward Kinshasa, which offers direct air traffic to cities including Brussels, Paris, Dubai and Lagos, Nigeria?

“We don’t know what’s happening along the river, because the river is used by a lot of barges,” said Pierre Rollin, one of the world’s leading experts on the Ebola virus at the CDC. “None of the outbreaks have been by the river or in the big towns. So we have a lot of caution before claiming we know what’s going on.”

Previous outbreaks have been snuffed out in the Congo, Rollin said, because the area is so remote that humans did not have a chance to travel far enough to transmit the virus before succumbing.

That was not the case four years ago in West Africa, where the virus spread widely across international boundaries. Commercial and cultural travel throughout Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone — across borders drawn a century and a half ago by colonizers with little regard for traditional tribal boundaries — is far more common than it is in Congo.

The present outbreak has raised anew questions about WHO and its capacity to respond to deadly viral threats. Following the West Africa outbreak, when the ill-prepared WHO endured withering criticism for its lackluster response to the initial round of cases, the agency has undergone a remarkable round of self-flagellation, reorganizing to prioritize emergency preparedness and response while cutting bureaucracy.

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kay kay says:

This is all a push for for mandatory vaccines with ebola scare. W hat many don't realize is this vaccine is rabies based. Do not get that vaccine!

Pamela Turner says:

God won't let the Mohammedans kill us.Ebola will.95%die.Agenda 21 in action.Just hope it doesn't skip over Soros,Rothchilds & all rich elites who devised this plan.Immigration is the vessel/ carrier the elites use to spread death

powerlock Johnson says:

Good. They wanted to chant kill the whites so let nature take it's course.

Yana Hatred says:

I dunno. the reason why they help africans is the same reason my family supports my autistic useless ass for almost 30 years. love or pity lol

Chelo Fig says:

Stop taking "The Blame" for something you have no control on.

RadicalGreekBeard says:

Pull all Aids and ebola aid from Africa and watch the world become a better place. We have a responsibility to ensure that the evils die where they're born.

Chocolate Flat-Nosed Freakshow says:

Just Nuke Africa Already 💣💥💣💥💣💥

karr wash says:

Why should we help them they are genociding white people down let them face there judgement!!

chrisw says:

the white man has been a beast of burden for 12 , 000 years, for the other races, and still receives no thanks, to this day, but only abuse, more abuse. only the white man is to blame for his own stupidity.

tkguyok says:

Yep, even obama was down with stopping Ebola.

Raymond Lemieux says:

Please do NOT impose White Privilege on the Continent of Africa. Let the people of Wakanda deal with it.

James Australian says:

ebola is meant to kill blacks in africa.

HotCoals says:

Civilization is cooperative living. But without brains to direct
the cooperation there is only barbarism.
In our own civilization we see a lessening of the struggle
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Nothing in our present environment can serve as an adequate
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Compassion, unfortunately, is the enemy of biological
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Joseph Meagher says:

Let's have Jesse Jackson and his family and all the black lives matter movement go to Africa and save black people. Why should the white race waste our time when the white race in South Africa doesn't have a right. The blacks use double standards. I'm sure the Chinese will want to help out their black brothers and sisters. I mean their communist let's have the Communist help them out

No Liberals says:

No! Let nature take its course.

Gabby Mouse says:

My empathy and altruism extends to my family and my racial group, which is White, period.

greets with fire says:

Kill ebola. Just nuke that continent from space. It's the only way to be sure.

Shaza Maza says:

Ebola is back because the UN and CDC want to scare us into giving them tens of billions of dollars more .

Deplorable says:

Let nature take its course. We have done enough to screw up Africa. 👌🏻

Master Embalmer says:

they should rename ebola to the Karma Virus.

Lynn Merchant says:

I'm not trying to sound harsh, but if this was happening in the US they sure as hell would not give us a second thought. I say it's not in the US so not our problem.

Catfish Jenkem says:

Wakanda !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Catfish Jenkem says:

Send Barry and Mike obama there

icepickmeetstemple says:

Africa is well overdue for a large pandemic. They have been overpopulating their environment and the technological abilities of their cultures (with the foolhardy help of well-meaning Western bleeding hearts) for too long.
Trying to save every African is like trying to save every mouse pup ever born. They have an r-selected breeding strategy to account for the high rates of mortality their low IQ, savagery, poor sanitation and harsh disease environment bring. Interfering with that has been an epic mistake of world-destroying proportions. Their herd needs thinning for their own good as well as the good of everyone else.

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