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Ebola-infected Americans to return to U.S. for treatment | Ebola Videos

Ebola-infected Americans to return to U.S. for treatment

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Two American aid workers infected with Ebola in Liberia will be sent back for care at Emory University hospital in Atlanta — the first time any Ebola patien…

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Mr. Lowery says:

The planes should be shot down over the ocean! The areas in Africa where
ebola breaks out are completely quarantined with no one allowed out. This
is one of the stupidest decision made by irresponsible, arrogant people who
think they can contain something they can’t see and do not understand it
pathology enough even try to do this crap!

genericname342 says:

Let this dude die in Africa. He’s the one who willingly exposed himself to
this shit, don’t take it out on the rest of us.
It’s time to let this fire burn out

Jahspecs1 says:

So sad… this is like the beginning of a Zombie movie…

ChingChongLingLong0h says:

Ebola comes from eating bush meat (bats and monkeys). If a carrier of Ebola
sneezes and a particle touches your eye or open pores, you will get it. 

Amanda Bankai says:

It’s Happening!!

Arrow Tip says:

Director,of CDC: Dr. Tom Friedmen , says they can stop the disease, but why
is it here in the U.S. Because it will provide a chance for the CDC
understand the pathogen…so why say it can not be mutated and go airborne
if they do not yet understand the disease organisms.. this sounds like
political research to me if you know what i mean .

blackxcherry22 says:

Funny how these ppl r getting treatment and drugs… and apparently are
doing quite well. Yet we go to Africa and give them a few towel dabs and
some water and say there’s nothing we can do. 


If there are no laws preventing people from entering the country with
serious contagious diseases you can’t prevent them from coming back. But
you CAN use this situation as a precedent for PASSING LAWS TO PREVENT

fordfiveohh says:

Stupid – puts more people at risk 

Willie Waycup says:

WTF these idiots are putting us at huge risk why is the who and the cdc not
sending the treatments to them not them to the treatments. Ridiculous
especially since there has come out evidence that this has become airborne.
So when he says its not spread through the air thats pure bs many doctors
say its mutated and become an airborne virus which is why its spreading so


Just because it’s not spread by people with no symptoms and isn’t spread by
“casual contact” is no reason to act like there’s no danger and doing so is
an outright lie. It’s a serious, deadly contagious disease. You have to be
a complete fucking moron to let people with a serious, deadly contagious
disease into your country.

The fact is that the initial symptoms of ebola are similar to those of
influenza. By the time someone feels bad enough to go to the doctor and
it’s finally diagnosed they are contagious.

Rahayu Sri says:

End for u……u kill many human in palestin with your power,but got is
more powerfull than u
The story is just begain….

eche1492 says:

Huh? Nobody cares about Africa, just paranoid about the disease spreading.
The bottom line about this and many other problems on that continent have
to do with the inability of Africans to farm and breed their own food. This
virus comes from “bush meat”. The natives believe it is a myth and will not
stop eating the only meat that’s available. Nobody cares about them!!

Chris Bam says:

Don’t we have islands off the coast specifically for this reason? There’s a
infectious research lab off the coast of New York/ New Jersey . You know,
away from the population. At the very least, shouldn’t they treat these
people there and send them equipment if needed?
I just see too much potential for an issue to occur. 

libelullebleue1 says:

Why did we bring this to the US? It’s death sentence for those who have it.
There is no cure, and there will never be. The countries need to be
quarantined that have it. The only way to stop it is to have those that
have it die and not come in contact with any one. I hate to say it, but it
is the truth.

lmno456 says:

@Rahayu Sri The two Americans who are infected with Ebola did not kill
anyone. In fact, they risked their own lives to help others. You are a
racist and have no understanding of any higher power or cause that you

Aleksandar Ivanov says:

Virologists need to attempt treatment with cytostatics in the initial
phase, they need to kill the diseased cells!!!

laserus3333 says:

Yet the CDC isn’t Responding to the sick & diseased flooding in to the USA
from the southern border. This agency makes no sense.

Quaalude Charlie says:

I am like the bubble boy and I Own a flame thrower 😐 QC

damn menice 4 u says:

“Even though we don’t have a vaccine, we can control it” bloody hell we are

Teedy247 says:

Surely this is a pre-text for future outbreaks in America and martial law

lmno456 says:

@MrRadical916 Payback? Brantly and Writebol, the two Americans infected
with Ebola, risked their lives to help others regardless of nationality or
race. You are a sick and hateful person. 

Rahayu Sri says:

End for u……u kill many human in palestin with your power,but got is
more powerfull than u
The story is just begain….

MrRadical916 says:

Pay Back is a Bitch Motherfuckers! 

erby66 says:

maybe the u.s. will isolate ebola and put in a container then load it in a
missile head then who ever nation has a grudge to the americans then it
will launch this missile to the hostile nation. A legal way and safest to
acquired ebola is to sent home these two doctors than getting ebola
itself in Africa and transport to America. Now what is the PLAN? why
congress, the senate or the higher one is so quiet…sorry just guess and
only opinion, but I know good Americans will not do this stupid theory.
Just keep in mind NO RESEACH, NO LAB TEST NO CURE…

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