Ebola in the United States: Everything You Need To Know!

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Stefan Molyneux breaks down the latest news information on the first documented case of Ebola in the United States. Thomas Eric Duncan was infected in Liberia and recently traveled to Dallas, Texas where he began exhibiting symptoms of infection.

Ebola Outbreak: Propaganda Decoded

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Rob Lee says:

When attending school I was exposed to quite a few incompetent students that received their degree by bullying other students to give them a good grade or else. The students that were fortunate enough to belong to a sorority or fraternity were given copies of tests and files that the teachers used for grading. My point is their are a lot of students with degrees that should not have one! I am not saying that everyone at that hospital is incompetent but the staff should be given competency tests periodically, especially with everyone being able to travel from country to country and communicate with these people.

Nathan Hohenheim says:

Disinformation artist alarm's starting to sound with this guy "Stefan"(who we all know is Steve Urkel's alter persona ; P )

Jérémie Houle says:

+Stefan Molyneux  hey man I really like your video and it inspired me for making a song with it! Is it ok if I take your vocals and put it in my track?:)
thanks a lot:D

robertmike57 says:

Yeah, right, that Thomas Duncan was so devious to get to the USA, yet he exposes his family to the disease. Know why that doesn't make sense? Because it this guy probably thought ebola had a short 3 day incubation period. Never ascribe to the sinister where the stupidity explanation will do.

Thomas Duncan makes the case not to worry about someone infected with ebola who is asymptomatic, as no one in the family got ebola as he lacked the viral load to spread the disease but 2 nurses contracted it when he was bleeding out.

. Hell, this is just another example where anyone can blow out shit and have their head up their ass.

Roofcat_Strikes_Back says:

Each instance of ebola case in the states has been the result of negligence on the part of someone who has knowingly been near the virus. It would be nice to see people take some personal responsibility. Ideally, westerners should stay out of Africa until the epidemic is contained. I empathize deeply with the desire to lend a hand to the afflicted areas. In reality, there is no use attempting to help Africans until more Africans are willing and able to help themselves. I found the Vice documentary on Ebola to be very revealing of west African attitudes towards the virus.

TigerLily Gzz says:

This report got me off my ass to write an eBook that I've been meaning to write for years!  Now that I'm no longer a registered nurse, I've documented what I know about the sick shit that happens in hospitals.  Hope it's not inappropriate to self promote, but I just got the book published yesterday on Amazon.com – it's my first book and here's the promo for it where I gave Stef recognition for this outstanding vid!  Hospital Hazards eBook Promo

Professor Logic says:

e-e-e–Ebola sounds like a new dance move.

"Go get the voodoo dolls we'll clear this up."

horsechoka415 says:

Just remember guys, zombie movies always start out with some guy in a white lab coat saying that everything will be fine. Just sayin

ladedade23 says:

Not to many people just giving straight accurate  information without trying to sensationalize it for views. Good job Sir.

Susan Robens says:

You make me laugh.  You tell the truth and logic with great sarcasm. All that has happened is like saying uhh hello?  Of course, by the time I viewed this video, there are more folks who had contact with Duncan have ebola…medical workers.  ummm.

tarstarkusz says:

You could not be more wrong about cows, goats and chickens. Animal husbandry caused Europeans to get all kinds of diseases that they carried into the New World and Africa causing so much death and destruction to the locals who had no natural immunity that Europeans gained through large scale deaths with only people who had immunity living on to reproduce.

Stranded 360 says:

This video is very lacking in new data on how the mortality rate from the disease has increased with a survival rate from 40% now to 30% and lastly the way above average of those taking the correct precautions yet getting the Ebola. This also relevant to talk about how this Ebola is either close to mutating or already has into something unlike what it had been before. Not to mention studies that show that pigs whom have very similar lungs to our own are able to transmit Ebola via the air.

People who are not in relevant fields of study which can understand Ebola should not be speaking on this issue attempting to sound as if they know the logistics of Ebola or other viruses.

Jim Gale says:

Systemic collapse seems inevitable.  We are rapidly creating amazing, food and energy producing sustainable communities in Southern Costa Rica… not out of fear, but because it is absolutely beautiful here.  Also, this is a great place to park some money while things up north "re-set".  Lots of folks are diversifying their IRAs and buying here Self Directed.  Check out Serenity Gardens Eco Village and Osa Mountain Village if you are interested.

Ouroboros says:

Aryans are more immune than all other races.   There is a God after all, it seems.   Go ebola !!!

chris brown says:

I love how that judge was saying in a press conference that he was wearing the same clothes he wore when he was in a car with people who had direct contact with their sick relative with ebola. That should say it all, the guy walked right into a press conference and then actually told everyone he was wearing the same clothes. And i also notice since then everyone in the family affected is quarantined but this judge guy is still doing public press conferences- how is it he isnt in quarantine? Very laxed and ignorantthe way the govt and officials are dealing with this.

donnie capomolla says:

ozzy  Osborn eats bats 

Baxter Ross says:

I would bet the patient did not admit to being exposed to Ebola, likely due to a misplaced trust that the hospital would correctly diagnose him, and fearing retribution for lying initially.
Also, Stefan plugging for forcible quarantine? That's something I didn't expect to hear.

Steven Ryle says:

It's been two weeks since you posted this video Stefan. I think an update is in order now that two nurses have come down with Ebola here.

Ada Wong says:

And people laugh at ancient Judaic laws which forbade the eating of bats, pigs, shellfish and pretty much anything that could cause something like this. Now everyone is going to pay for not listening to God.

Reynold Jordan says:

First, this is the Administrations fault!  Our boarders should have been closed, and entry into US prohibited after travel into the infected areas.  I understand there is no such thing as ZERO Risk.  However, the risk to our Nation could and should have been minimum zed.
Second, our US Military should not be used for such a mission.  If, the World Health Organization need assistance they should hire their own support and not be at the cost of American Citizens.

John Ackerson says:

I believe the ebola scare is just that – another hoax. It'll be a windfall for corps such as GlaxoSmithKline. Fined in 2012 for $3 billion for fraud and bribery, the company today stands to make much more off vaccine production. Ebola + AFRICOM is also a match made in hell:  for Africans. An ebola hoax could easily be used to tighten legislation for an already growing police state in the US. It could be used for a medical martial law, or cover for the collapsing economy and dollar. Hoax pandemics could be used for so many different things, or the real danger could be in the vaccine itself.

I'm not saying an actual ebola outbreak isn't possible, but if one does happen, then it's a purposely planned attack for further control, or depopulation measures. Prominent public figures such as Bill Gates admitted depop is an important piece of a longer or shorter term strategy, Gates is close friends with former mayor Michael Bloomberg who heads up an anti-gun initiative to disarm American citizens, while the US State Dept. is funding and arming ISIS.
 For instance, the 4000 military members recently deployed to West Africa are not there to fight ebola, but rather as a cover under an ebola scare to work under AFRICOM to ultimately enforce the plundering of resources from the continent, or they could be there to  'accidentally' come in contact and bring back an ebola strain to the US to be spread through their friends and families. Sounds far fetched, I know, but we are dealing with psychopaths at the top of  today's food chain after all, and Agenda 21 control and depop in their eyes is the only way and hypocritically viewed as the correct way to go. to save the planet …for themselves. But many people won't  believe this because they're brainwashed by their TV news, or their manufactured opposition websites or favorite gatekeepers.

theeggtimer tic tic says:

One word…….QUARANITNE!  So much money is being spent on tracing all these people's footsteps…..anyone caring for a person sick with Ebola (they are heroes in my book) or anyone who's had direct exposure with an Ebola victim should be in comfortable quarantine for 21 days or only have very limited movement in society….simple.  

swtrb05 says:

PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION TO THE WHITE HOUSE TO STOP COMMERCIAL FLIGHTS COMING TO AMERICA FROM THE EBOLA-HOT SPOT WEST AFRICAN COUNTRIES!!  Over 32,400 signatures thus far, and over 67,000 needed to reach the 100,000 signatures needed for a response from the Obama administration.  We need to reach 100,000 by  October 31, 2014!!  Please sign, and share with your friends/family to do the same!!  https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/have-faa-ban-all-incoming-and-outgoing-flights-ebola-stricken-countries-until-ebola-outbreak/FFJHH9yX

joey s says:

this guy needs to READ Daniel Defoe's the Plague Years!

Order11110 says:


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Order11110 says:

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Barb Monkman says:

Ebola is a patented BIOWEAPON and the US holds the patent on it.  There is NO VACCINATION that will protect you, but you may very well contract the disease if you SUBMIT to being IMMUNIZED.  There is a cure however, it is NANO SILVER similar to COLOIDAL SILVER which is also effective tin eliminating this disease.  Join the effort to make these substances available to those infected or in danger to exposure.  NO ONE needs to die of this primitive man-made concoction.
Message from GOD, Who Needs Light dot org.  Peace.

toosexyforthenwo says:

The only VIRUS in the AIR is what comes OVER THE AIRWAVES to deceive, divide and conquer — Wake up

toosexyforthenwo says:

Ebola is Bullshit – another scare tactic – America Wake the Hell up – you've been sleeping too long

bill montgomery says:

move boarder patrol to the northern texas boarder keep them texacans out of u s !!   awww just kidding 

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