EBOLA in Nigeria: should students RETURN to school ??

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“For the Public, Federal and State Schools, its not so secure,” says one guy Due to Ebola virus outbreak in Nigeria, the Federal Government of Nigeria postpo…


tosin adejola says:

I don’t mean to be rude! I love this platform because it’s very
informative, but I think the anchors/ journalists should really work on
their English! This channel is going really far and this could be a draw
back. I mean, what is worth doing at all is definitely worth doing well.
Just saying. 

Mathias Kiyabo says:

Dog meat and monkey ..is going to kill all of u.

Aisha Ibitoye says:

Honesty there is not wrong with the way they are speaking. It nigerian
English with nigerian accent it perfectly fine…Smh people

Prince Samkiz says:

For me, i will advice them to wait until we are 100% sure that the virus is
not much/no more in the country…………people that are advising them to
resume should think before they talk ………..prevention is better thank
cure ………… they should also remember that children are very stubborn
at times and any child that contacts the virus will spread it on to his or
her family and also the teachers……………please my fellow nigerians
“Life is more important than education” without life there will be no

Lennox1492 says:

It appears to me that the journalist didn’t agree with the students
returning to school? He just seemed sort of aggressive and uninterested in
this case and I hope that the students returning to school are safe and
this will be a way to maybe take their mind off of all the sorrow going on
right now. 

BattaBox says:

Do you think Nigerian students should be returning to school, despite the
Ebola outbreak ?

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