Ebola in Dallas: How Can the CDC Be Sure of Containment?

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Oct. 1 (Bloomberg) — Bloomberg’s Peter Cook reports on public health efforts in light of the first case of Ebola in the United States and looks at the travel timeline of the patient. He speaks on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

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Jayden Vance says:

Of course I live in Dallas…

xxfinest soldierxx says:

Thanks África

garbageday99 says:

"the confidence the cdc has in its own protocol" Like taking 4 days to get a team to clean that mans contaminated apartment, where his girlfriend and kids were quarantined in, that's some great protocol cdc, bunch of nonsense that's going to get out of control, just watch

Auto Hyjack says:

Time to go to Alaska guys.

CaseyC C says:

Can somebody explain how it means sense that it is not translatable without symptoms?

TastyCritters says:

I read it was a 4 hour layover in Dulles. Suppose he sat at a bar for a drink or two??? Maybe used restroom there??! CDC has NO WAY of tracking down all contacts and they know it. Liars .

TastyCritters says:

Confidence in the infrastructure that sent him home?? Or the kind that didn't go to clean the apt he was staying at? The one that now has ppl locked in the same apt he was having diarrea and vomiting in???!!! Seriously???!!! Omg.

TastyCritters says:

Confidence in the infrastructure that sent him home?? Or the kind that didn't go to clean the apt he was staying at? The one that now has ppl locked in the same apt he was having diarrea and vomiting in???!!! Seriously???!!! Omg.

David Candlelight says:

Black guy without Obama-care showing symptoms of ebola in Texas.
So, they gave him some antibiotics and sent him back home.  

Just guessing! 

Smiles2U4Ever says:

Why let anyone into the USA from Africa?????

Smiles2U4Ever says:

More shit out of Africa.  HIV, Ebola… what's next?  

Roswells51 says:

CANADIAN govt health website first had evidence of airborne and strong suggestion of airborne transmission – now they have sanitized that out lying to keep everyone calm – period. Protect yourselves – search YouTube for video archives showing the live capped CANADIAN govt health sites actual wording – it's scary but its TRUTH

Sam Owens says:

The general consensus in the media about ebola is wrong! wrong, wrong, wrong! I read the scientific literature on ebola and UNLIKE the flu, cold, cruse ship bugs, and HIV that can ONLY infect very specific cells in your body like the flu which only infects ciliated epithelial cells in your airways and nothing else…Ebola can infect EVERY cell in your body!! Every cell, every living cell except your bones can be infected by ebola. An infected person will have billions, with a B, billions of viruses in every drop of sweat, spit, vomit… Shaking a sweaty hand can infect your dermis (lower skin) with ebola which will then spread to the rest of your body leading to a cytokine storm and internal, external bleeding and death. No one is talking about this fact. Ebola has an R0 factor lager than the flu….I am a scientist, this is real. But don't believe me do your own research please.

Smoker's Lounge says:

The New World Order!…

Future says:


faviola padilla says:

I live in Dallas, and I'm sick getting sick rite now

Rod Allmond says:

Ebola is a bioweapon which is a man made virus, could be a conspiracy going on??

Steve Elder says:

If its so safe how in the hell over 200 doctors get sick with it in Africa while fighting the outbreak? These Doctors and healthcare workers was covered head to toe and knew very well what they was doing some the top in the field yet they still got sick. Why is this seemingly to most that this is being let spread why isn't the CDC being more heavy handed with shutting down flights from the infected African countries or implement a 21 day quarantine I just don't get it…

SpoopyMurshii says:

it's sad and scary but the people who die from this should be cremated so the parisite is burned 

David Hamilton says:

Perry and Big RepublicanTexas Oil causing global warming.  Ebola thriving because of global warming.  First Ebola in Texas.
What you sow, you reap.  Gives "don't mess with Texas" a new meaning!

Andy M says:

3 to 21 days……….think think


How completely stupid and ignorant must someone be?  They travel from a part of the world where Ebola is running rampant, fall ill when they make it back home, go to the hospital and don't state that they've been to Africa and they think they may have contracted Ebola.  Why on Earth would they just accept antibiotics and just go back home?  I would stay put and demand to be tested.  Justification for this would be having been in an area where the disease is prevalent.

flea sweep says:

The CDC is full of **it.

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