Ebola In Context: Liberia Needs 80,000 Body Bags & 1 Million Hazmat Suits!

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If a change does not occur very quickly, this will be out of control in Africa!


Myriam Thibault says:

Now They Will Get The Money! New Release: ''Band Aid 30 – Do They Know It's Christmas''.   I said So!

Tanya Lingle says:

You should probably read this. I think you might not know what you are talking about. http://www.npr.org/2014/10/07/354230895/ebola-protective-suits-are-in-short-supply

mikee758 says:

O well if its any compensation there certainly wont be a shortage of plastic coffins in America!  In fact thats one hell of a bit of forsight, they'v been stocking up for years.

Skully Truth says:

Hoax to the Nth degree….c'mon!!!

Diademglo says:

well , are you going to pay for them all, there is a question of who pays for what, right? maybe they don't have that many, or maybe they do want to hoard them. either way, we needed to do something before it got to a body bag situation.

tubeyerself2 says:

 Ebo-LIE …..
( This Vaccine Implemented Sickness Being "Called" Ebola)
Instead of just Liking this on FacePlant, How about SHARING This with the LAMESTREAM MEDIA INFECTED people out there already…….. (hint: your email list)
OR…… just get in line for the Super Fast Tracked Vaccine that normally takes multiple years to stew up, just so that it only adds to the stupidity and does not kill you on the spot (hey..whats a little Thermosil between friends…Right?)…. They say they're trying it out on healthy rats right now to make sure that they can still make it through the maze and don't drop dead before they reach the end. People dying after getting the shot will be shrugged off as "well It's apparent the vaccine does not work very well or I guess the virus overtook the inoculation".
If this is NOT SHARED FAR & WIDE Expect your Govern-Mind to Implement MEDICAL MARTIAL LAW c/w MANDATORY INNOCULATION and Attempting to Refuse the Vaccine ALONE Will Not Work. Ever heard of Involuntary Self Quarantine? If they even give you that option, best be ready with supplies to tide you over for what they guess is the latest incubation period of 11, 21, 31, 41 days?
We have to Collectively let them Know that we are on to their Multi Purposed AGENDA.
It ALL makes Sense now, Just have a look at this: VRM: Special Report;    A VERY Telling COINCIDENCE?(relates to FB report from W. Africa resident below)
>>> http://vaccineresistancemovement.org/?page_id=11240 <<<
The recent Ebola outbreak in Africa COINCIDES with a massive Meningitis Vaccine campaign targeting over 100 million Africans; notably including all four African countries (Guinea, Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone) caught in the epicenter of the viral spread.

XXKILLERSANDYXX Christopher says:

my ass itches

macpduff says:

Wow. We live in a "just in time" economy now. Nobody has 1 million haz-mat suits, just sitting around in storage.
they're not sending hazmat suits, because they're not available?

Don Hawkins says:

additional portable crematoriums in production/world wide/

Brian Thompson says:

The elite picking and choosing who lives and dies. They have their power now thru their father Lucifer and they,unfortunately, will get by with it until Christ returns The solice we have is those who chose to follow him will assume their rightful place in the lake of fire!

P.Gallo Original says:

Your asking questions I have been asking myself since this started. Like why don't we send the (Red Crosses) air craft carrier hospital to Africa? The last time I saw it was to help Chile after their earth quake. That ship could have held 5000 beds!?! Why weren't nurses in Dallas given positive pressure suits just like the ones they wear in the lab when working with a level 4 infectious diseases which Ebola is? It's more necessary to have one when treating a person then looking at it in a pitrey dish. It would seem obvious that they are trying to spread this disease. And I sure as hell don't want a poorly tested vaccine from some company that is just going to make money off of any further illnesses I may suffer down the road from their creepy shot!

Grass says:


Artist Group says:

Dito Killatomate85 except I think they are after some pirate booty of some sort. Interesting way to shut down a country though, don't ya think?

MrNWOExposed says:

Stocks of those companies will probably rise huh, they've never done that before.

Jennifer Vincent says:

My heart BLEEDS for Africa. I was married to a West African for 14 years (whose son is a child survivor of civil war). But I have to say that they are sending soldiers to BUILD CLINICS. Not to help with civilians hands-on. The healthcare workers need support. They cannot build clinics fast enough. Even if our troops fail, at least we have to try SOMETHING. 

Serpentaria says:

Deadly virus put there by the white man. Same with aids. Do any google search on the man who created aids.

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