Ebola: How the Virus Could Spread Beyond Africa

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The worst ebola outbreak in history has prompted Liberian officials to close their borders, as the governments in several West African countries raced to con…


azkanify says:

plague inc 

ghostmanual says:

According to the Telegraph, “Fellow passengers on (Sawyer’s) plane were
given warnings about the disease’s symptoms, which can include bleeding
from the nose and mouth, but were allowed to continue on their journeys. As
Ebola has an incubation period of up to 21 days, there are fears that some
may even now be spreading the disease still further.” Nice!

rota cetle says:

Its crazy how the majority of deadly diseases start in Africa. I am
starting to think the Ebola virus and etc. is a antibiotic used to do away
with the Nubian virus that is plaguing Humanity. Maybe the Earths immune
system is trying to help bring about the end of poverty and uncivilized

To those who call me racist I must say that it is not my fault that the
most uncivilized race on the planet happens to have black/brown skin.

tchyil says:

Why do I read youtube comments…

Brad Busch says:

If it is spreading in Nigeria it is as good as pandemic.

King Vue says:

the virus is already here… hello look many milllion of black pple you
have here in the U.S. pple are die everyday cause you let the monkey out
or there cage..

Andrew Vargez says:

Bleeding from the eyes? fever? My god, it’s Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
all over again…

huey clinton says:

Anyone see the new Planet of the Apes?

Daniel Huynh says:

This is why it troubles me why we do business with Africa. Number 1, the
people retain their archaic ways some tribes want to keep traditions that
would result in female mutilation. 2, there is no democracy their. The
continent is unstable. It is full of dictatorships. And this, the people
are simply not aware and uncivilized. They don’t know how to keep this
under control.

dantae666 says:

we must MUST cut off all travel to and from Africa till the disease has run
its course. 

progamerzach1 says:


LLCoolPass says:

and look what happened the supposedly not aerosoling disease is spreading
among passengers who ordinarily are not fucking each other, school kids,
etc in texas and on the flight possibly to many.

Tim Rain says:

Africa better wake up, the care workers are giving people the disease.
Their equipment and any/all they bring should be decontaminated and
investigated before used on any area or person. Some care workers may not
know they are spreading the disease.

BRONY k says:

Today I played a game and I infected whole africa and it was spread by a

tuco james says:

how bout suspending ALL flights within ni99erland until all this shyt is
workout :S

better yet no1 leaves that continent .. fuck

do i always have to do all the thinking around here? 

Nordindigene Weiß says:

jungel dead neger

lukas daugirda says:

if he fucking spread the virus fuck it in my house i have a bomb shelter
with tons of food and water and i have a handgun for that i got for my
birthday so its the walking dead amc series all over again

Anthony Woodroffe says:

Can terrorist use ebola as a bio weapon at airports and on aircraft using
modern day technology like mist blowers and auto mist pray systems which
are portable cheap and battery operated and would the effects be more
deadly than a bomb or a group suicidal bombers per say given thats ebola
kills 90% of its victims but terrorist all to often only kill them selfs or
about 1% to maybe on a good day 3% of thier intended victims if terrorist
started using bio weapons like ebola would that be a global political game
changer and is that what we are seeing happening in west Africa ?

Geoff Heisenberg says:

This will escape Africa. No doubt.

trin kun says:

This would be good news if it had spread to snackbar countries

MrCocacolabear says:

Another horribly deadly contagious disease coming out of africa. Good thing
im in the usa

Lorie t says:

*Ebola: Looks Like Spreading Out*

Matowix says:

Hopefully there will be a world epidemic and we will all get wiped out.

J. Stephen Gazsi says:

LMAO! This outbreak has been going on for months and months and has been
“one flight away” all that time. After hearing about it a little bit
initially the whole media went curiously entirely silent on it. NOW all of
a sudden we hear about it from every outlet everyday?

K. D. Grant says:

Ebola was discovered in the 1970’s. If it was not contained and destroyed
it would have become a pandemic disease and many of us today would not be
here. Remember the N.W.O. Agenda is to get the earths population “down to a
manageable 500 million world wide”. This is the most effective way to do

benjashats says:

i don’t want to live on this planet anymore

eche1492 says:

yet the Africans say that it is a myth… that there is no ebola… as they
continue to eat the infamous “bush (wild) meat” that is said to be infected
with the disease. the problem is there is no breeding of and farming of
animals for meat… most of the meat in their diets come from the bush.
they will not stop eating bush meat as it is mostly what is available.

NFO says:

*Ebola: Looks Like Spreading Out*

gtrman678 says:

Ok to put it simply either contain it… Or nuke it… Or burn it…
Unfortunatley. All flights banned people comming to and from should be held
in quarantine for atleast 1 week and under go screening. This is the only
way to stop it.

bottle2lip says:

Ebola Reston has been observered to transmit via the air between
monkeys..and also pigs…but so far no human to human transmission via
airborne pathogen…yet…with a 90% kill rate…ebola is nasty..pray it
doesn’t go airborne…if it does..most the planet will be wiped

CK Wunch says:

Ebola victims are being paid $5000 per family to move the infected person
to SYRIA. The idea is to spread it across the middle east. With a 90%
mortality rate its the best tool for the job.

Good Company says:

I wonder if ebola can spread by expeling intestinal gas through the anus ?
Just like sars, mad cow desease, bird flu, west nile virus, Y2K, antharax,
swine flu, monkey pox and african killer bees. 

Mike Groningen says:

Should’nt we focus on the people who don’t die from ebola? It’s likely
that there lies the answer?

HiDesert004 says:

Thanks to Obumbler we have no southern borders, so yes, it will show up in
American eventually, maybe Texas or California or Arizona.

PacificCircle1 says:

21 MILLION in Lagos! Not good, not good at all. World War E in the making.

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