Ebola: How at risk is the U.S.?

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CNN’s Jake Tapper and Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the NIAID, discuss the probability of an Ebola outbreak in the U.S.


Rachael Day says:

get this i know this person who won a free trip to Africa wtf? why? and its all real of course we live in a place tht is to poor a person could win a trip to say tenesse and couldnt afford it….. but i thought it was strange

jib jacker says:

it's not a far stretch,now the fools knowingly bring a death agent like Eboli!If you think for one moment this does not spell disaster then you're crazy,they are going to infect us somehow wait and see how stupid can these jokers be?  

123RADIOactive says:

Blah blah blah blah blah…… it'll only take one person to slip, then whoop-di-doo, how will how precious healthcare system help us now?

karmakazi219 says:

Did he just say we're relying on the US healthcare system to keep us safe?  Hopefully patient zero is not a veteran or uninsured!

Andrew James says:

Close the fu[king borders you idiots and quarentine any one coming back for a month. Every one likes to say your overreacting or spreading fear but once something like this gets through its hard to stop and are economy won't handle it very well. Same people will say get rid of the scary guns to stop deaths but will say let the illegals in and stop spreading fear, what they don't realize through the ignorance is that miilions could die from something like this, they don't think about what happens when people don't go to work and they can't get food or water. Yea we are getting self destructive and the stupid people will kill us all if we let them.

will rains says:

no matter wat precautions they take all it takes is for one person to slip thru and they will

YAMATO says:

Forget Ebola, I want the zombie out break.

Dai mon says:

Wow, the media spreading paranoia.

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