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Ebola Hoax CONFIRMED: Full CNN video Reveals Crisis Acting + Fakery | Ebola Videos

Ebola Hoax CONFIRMED: Full CNN video Reveals Crisis Acting + Fakery

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Peace be with you Monty. You are free to disagree – I wont censor your comments. Let everyone else make up their own minds. Thank you. CNN video: http://edit…

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Red Pill Revolution says:

I’m proud to have you as a co-host and friend, man. Great job.

edit: you forgot to post the link below!

ExplorerOne says:

Jeff, have you considered the fake news pieces are simply to control how
the public understands the outbreak occurred? All the news pieces and the
actors advance the story of how it supposedly got here when it was actually
weaponized….so the outbreak and ebola being here could be real, but the
news stories still fake with actors….just sayin

Alabama Bushcraft says:

I think you are taking what is clearly bad reporting and trying to say that
the whole thing is fake. Just because CNN is trying to make exciting news
that will get ratings doesn’t mean the Ebola outbreak in Africa isn’t real.
I have no problem with your opinion because your correct that it could be a
lie just as easy as it could be real. So your opinion is just as good as
the next guys the only thing I got a problem with is that you are telling
people this with no warning why not put a small deal in the beginning or at
the end where you tell everyone hey I think this is bullshit but I am going
to be prepared in case it isn’t and all of you should to. Then state your
opinion about the whole thing is bullshit. In my opinion I personally
believe there is a bad breakout hitting us as we speak and everyone should
prepare because once it’s announced to the public all supplies and
everything else will be gone my friend. I pray that you are right but I
prepare that your wrong. God Bless and Keep On Keep’in On!!!!

Atlantean120 says:

“He collapses as well” hahahahahah

Michael Leitner says:

Noch mehr Ebola-Absurditäten, aufgedeckt und gesammelt von

freeradiorevolution says:

NEW VIDEO! #EbolaHoax CONFIRMED! full #CNN video shows crisis actors at
work! #ebola

dutchsinse says:

If the hospital just opened hours ago.. whats all the trash in the parking
area, what’s with the weathered down look of the place… and what’s with
the ambulance driver not wearing any protective gear in his open window
ambulance cab.

Also.. the building shown at the beginning is NOT the same building that
the ambulance is parked at. The building at the beginning doesn’t look
like a new clinic either. Old, weathered down, open air with a hundred
people milling around out front not looking too concerned about things.

The kid CLEARLY comes up and lays down.. acting like he can’t move after he
just walks up and lays down.

After its all over .. the cameraman walks right next to another ambulance
with OTHER people in it.. and they just leave the guy laying there.

I’ve totally missed videos before, thinking the originals were deleted,
thats a fair mistake I think we’ve all made. The key is correction on it,
which you’ve done.

I think this whole thing is a false flag (like pearl harbor, gulf of
tonkin, Oklahoma City, or 9/11)… where real people actually are being
hurt, done to push an agenda.

As opposed to a hoax like Sandy Hook or LAX .. or elliot rodger.

Notice the ISIS beheading videos , Russian Ukranie, MH17, MH370, and the
hoax attacks like Cassidy Stay have been lost in history thanks to Ebola.

Each situation progressively bigger than the next, each event hiding the
previous event in a smoke screen of disinformation. Just as soon as we
figure out one is faked, hoaxed, or staged… another one pops up.

WHACK A MOLE meets NWO antics.

Did you see the tornado which formed over Frisco Texas last night?
EBOLnado .. like “sharknado” only way more deadly!

There’s a RADAR in Frisco which MADE the tornado. No doubt about it in my

IMO.. got to remember that we all have our opinions.. many opinions COULD
be wrong, which is why we make videos to prove our opinions right…..

masa624 says:

That little boy was walking, got the directions from the director and fell
down. Notice the head nod confirmation. 

RickCleek says:

I don’t think Monty is “upset” I think he doesn’t want speculative hearsay
based on *your* opinion. People in Africa *are* dying. 

Dante AD says:

Monty is fucking wrong :D

fzanefzane says:

i believe its a hoax too. but, has anyone figured out how thousands of
these people keep lying, and not one of them has come forward? why are
there no whistleblowers from the media coming out saying they fake all this
stuff? i’m thinking maybe they’re all being possessed or maybe a hive
minded entity has control over all of them? its really the only thing that
makes sense at this point. a regular human would have blabbed by now.

bonnie beme says:

Not ONE drop of vomit or feces on any of these so called victims, just
naked actors. Do you really think that the second guy in the ambulance
would put his face right next to the other victim’s ass? FAKE!

Doubil Troubil says:

its all a fucking hoax…..have people not learned ANYTHING from the 9/11
FRAUD that CNN FOX BBC SKY and many others were complicit in? So we just
forget that and start a clean slate again. Some people have the memory of a
fucking goldfish.

Madam Vonkook says:

at the end of the day we are not there for any of the news we see on TV or
the Internet to know 100 percent they are real…..And I do think there are
hoax events that are made just to control the narrative or usher in some
kind of draconian laws ect..But it seems to be your schtick to say every
single thing is a hoax with crisis actors ..I find it is not logical and is
dangerous …all feuding aside ..if people donated funds for you to go to
that region (Liberia)..Would you go there and report what you find actually
happening on the ground there? I will personally donate money to purchase
you a roundtrip ticket airfare…hotel ,food and travel expenses..I am not
offering this out of malice or ill will imagine the paradigm shift that
could bring if you were able to document that there is not any kind of
ebola epidemic in Liberia right now ..I happen to think Ebola is very real
and I think the media is down playing it if anything ..but of course I have
an open mind and I could be wrong ..that’s why I think it is important that
maybe you should go..if people are willing to pay.no malice or ill will I
swear ..Just my humble opinion

Mickey Rush says:

Montagraph is death faker Sam Kinison. He’s a faggot.

Brugga Jugga says:

The little boy is clearly taking direction to lay down. Unbelievable
FRAUD!! Great job as always! Monty is a joke.

RhNegtiv says:

I think the whole scene with the man falling out of the van in that
undignified way, half naked is symbolic. They want to show the world who’s
“wearing the pants”… and it sure isn’t the black man. It’s about
disempowering the people of the world. Look… the black man has no pants.
Message intended.

Rach T says:

This isn’t the first time he has done this to people. Any way, no you
can’t prove they don’t have ebola true, but the way these people acted are
very odd. I am not going to believe they have ebola because CNN says so.
Also, if it was another ailment, than CNN shouldn’t try to sell it to the
public that these people have ebola. If ebola was real they should have
absolutely no problem finding ebola patients. The people that live there do
not even believe that ebola is going on. Some say it’s because they are
very ” superstitious “. Sure, maybe a lot are, but could it be they don’t
believe it because they know exactly what is going on in their own
backyard? To suggest that all those people are superstitious and do not
have the capability of discernment is ridiculous and a little
biased. People should do their own research and come up with their own
conclusions, I agree.

scarabperformance says:

The little black kid said Fuk it… and collapsed like Building 7 LOL! 

Dynamus Power says:

forget the haters, shills and trolls brother! God bless and I hope that you
do find Him before all of this crap goes down… Much love brother! I wish
I had found your channel earlier.. I was stuck on MarkDicey for a while
until I started to realize that something was wrong and it led me to you
and redpill and teamwakeemup and family… Thank you for all the time that
you put into these vids and the time it takes out of your personal life
brother. You are doing the right thing and keep up the AWESOME work

Judy R. says:

First of all I completely respect your opinion in this matter, but I’ve
only gotten to 5.26 of your video and I already disagree with you on one
point. I do know that our Government pulls the wool over sheeple’s eye’s
every day, but, you CANNOT judge someone by looks weather they are sick or
not. Anyone who know’s even the slightest thing about Ebola and many
illnesses like it, know that when most ppl are Dx (diagnosed) with a
certain illness, such as Ebola, they are not going to emit symptoms right
off hand. You have to stop and look at the fact that this is a country that
has been fighting to stop this outbreak for a while now, so therefore they
are detecting ppl with low grade fever VERY early and therefore the
symptoms of the illness have not even began to kick in yet. Anyone with
Ebola will not generally look devastatingly sick, until the patient has had
the illness for quiet some time. Also, I do not doubt that CNN did possibly
use actor’s in order to not EXPOSE themselves and their camera crews, to
such unnecessary close quarters with such a DEADLY and CONTAGIOUS illness.
Just my thoughts but, I am also trying to think rationally with this issue,
all the while, not closing my eyes to the deceit this administration has
spewed over the past 6+ yrs. God have mercy on America, we are such a
spoiled nation and I am afraid Lord, that You are about to bring this
country back to it knee’s!!!

Shieena Living Waters says:

Thank you Jeff for taking the higher ground- Montagraph should do his own
videos with his own opinion. But this attacking channels is teenagery
stuff. And LOL; the CNN video gave more weight to your case.

Wag. Paiva says:

Before you guys accept the Lord Jesus Christ as the Savior and Son of the
Lord God, you can not call yourselves truthers.
Jesus Christ is the way, the TRUTH and the life, no one gets to the Father
without Him.

hear fan says:

Why would hospital workers run up and touch patients without protective
gear? You think they want to catch Ebola? Why is the hospital not prepared?
Because it’s the third world and they don’t have the facilities, the money
or the equipment.

Joey P says:

Every time I see footage of the two men in the back of the ambulance I
think, what kind of person would let someone lay themselves beside another
man’s bare ass. And that was before I heard the naked man has diarrhea. I
guess if it were life and death, maybe, but it would be the last option.

cultchaser says:

Have you seen the AP one with the guy in the puddle in the middle of the
street in Guinea?

jgala says:

Im even more convinced CNN faked it after watching the whole video. 

applecom1de says:

Jeff, for real: Do you believe that a mysterious virus called HIV, which
has never been isolated (just like any other disease causing virus btw),
causes the multitude of symptoms called AIDS? Did you research that? So,
you should know there is no Ebola AT ALL. People get intoxicated by
multiple sources these days, the body tries to get rid of the toxins via
diarrhea. That`s all. Please trust me. That`s a crucial point. THERE IS NO

The body heals itself, you only have to give him the molecules he can work
with through nutrition and healing herbs and plants. I just had a talk with
the husband of my aunt, an older guy who comes from Angola. He grew up in
the bushes, where his family lived for generations, back to the 1700s. I
asked him about health and general living, and his face lit up like a
christmas tree, he says it was like paradise, everyone abounded with
health; they didn`t know disease at all! I asked how old people got, and he
said everybody living in the bushes got over 120! He emphasized: At least
(!) 120.
Then the portuguese came and forced them to have vaccinations (aka poison)
injected. They refused, because they asked why they would need that, as
everybody always had been healthy, but they got forced. When the children
got out of the western vaccination tent, the mothers tried to squeeze as
much of the vaccination liquid out of their children`s arms, and rubbed
healing plants over the wound.

Ask yourselves: What is this system? What has it done to us? To us all? 

oaktreelight says:

Man, you don’t know much about kids. My kid even if he’s sick will walk
around looking even cheery and then, bingo, just lie down. Anyway, it’s the
way she was reporting it which is crap. I recommend you take a plane over
there before posting this kind of weird disinformation. 

Christine Ebertshauser says:

Do people normally walk around naked there lol 

Mike E says:

Freeradiorevolution- I know this vid is a few weeks old but I am just
seeing it. CNN is just like any other news agency. They are there to not
only report news but also get ratings. All of these shots are edited into
one report and they want viewers to watch so they are going to make sure
they get the dramatic shots of ebola patients. Just because those people
were walking into the hospital doesn’t mean they were not infected. They
could have been in the early stages of infection. Also they have to
disinfect those ambulances no matter what and whether someone has pants on
or not makes no difference as its all going to get sprayed down with
bleach. And you are just guessing that some of those people are actors you
really don’t know.. How about you get in touch with one of those news
agencies and ask if you can tag along on one of their trips to Africa? You
could film it on your own and then report back here on youtube.
Because until that happens everything you post on here is just your
opinion. The only way to gather truthful info is to be there yourself.
I am not claiming I know anything more than you but I am just saying if you
want to get the truth then go and see for yourself.

Trust NoOne says:

Hey man I just found your channel yesterday and watched your Ebola stuff
and it makes lot of sens… I just came across this article, I though you
would like the colour of their dress…

TheRicoman1973 says:

“That boy” didn’t fucking collapse!!!!! Funny Shit!

SikMisfits says:

Remember the movie The Island? Remember the whole thing about organ
harvesting? Isn’t that what they claimed was going on over there? And
this place is called the Island. LOL.

wingsonmyback1 says:

it really is laughable how they know they Americans are believing this

WorldWarFr33 says:

16 of the people who dislike this video will take the end game vaccine.!

Ugongan says:

Wake em up…

Melonie Phillips says:

You’re 100% on it, Jeff. With all of it. Yes folks, it is this bad –
actually, it’s far worse. 

SuperEarther says:

that little kid who walked then fell over clearly acted this scene out
because his eyes looked up twice and i would bet someone was instructing

Vassilios Chantzos says:
Eve Rodriguez says:

I’m your ghost ~ duality checkered floor. What the hell, they
unsubscribed me.

mikecat23 says:

American TV for you. In fact they are teaching a lot of other stations how
to make a story dramatic for numbers. People power and people journalism is
the way forward. You will soon learn to understand the truth from the lies

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