Ebola Hoax: 100% REVEALED! CNN + NYT caught using CRISIS ACTORS! MUST SEE

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This needs to be shared everywhere! Thank you! NSA hack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wM9A-a2_Wk Shawn Y: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rPLI8xJYB4 Lin…


freeradiorevolution says:

Tiptoe through the Shills and Idiots that populate this comment section.
There can be NO denial of what is revealed in this video. Many can’t fathom
their paradigm being shattered – these are the same people who shut down
when you try to bring them 9/11 truth….

freeradiorevolution says:

Hi folks! You can help me expose this #EbolaHoax by sharing this video with
everyone you know and posting it on all social media websites! Thank you so
much for all your support!

freeradiorevolution says:

I have a message for all the sheeple that watch this and still trust CNN
and NYT – PLEASE GO AND KILL YOURSELVES – you are Waaaaaaaaayyyyy too
stupid to be a part of the human race!

freeradiorevolution says:

You really have to marvel at the collective stupidity of the Sheeple. It
really doesn’t matter what you show them, or how damning and “in your face”
the evidence is, they will, instinctively, cling to their precious little
“paradigm” that the Corporate Media is actually trustworthy and is working
for the benefit of all humanity. You people truly are “boiling frogs”…

freeradiorevolution says:

It appears I was wrong about CNN deleting the video. If anyone want’s to
see for themselves: here’s a link to the original FULL video off of CNN:

freeradiorevolution says:

Please remember to share this video and watch all the other work I’ve done.
This thing is 100% HOAX!

freeradiorevolution says:

Latest video 100% confirms HOAX http://youtu.be/pA1JY__Juas #ebolahoax

Jennifer Taylor sweets says:

Having trouble buying your story

Shaggydog Gaming says:

Rule #1 to finding out if someone is a delusional, useless, conspiracy
spewing idiot, who is a complete waste of time, space and energy: He uses
the word “sheeple” Rule #2: He replies to comments for only 2 reasons, to
link a video, or to call more people “sheeple” Rule #3: When it’s blatantly
fucking obvious that he is one. What an idiot.

Clarence LeBlanc says:

One of the reasons I’m taking the “harmless attention getting calling
anything and everything a hoax” badly is this. A guy I golf with all the
time, who lives in a massive home on the golf course with a beautiful
family is actually in Africa right now, on the front lines. His wife is
worried sick and his son is playing hockey with no father in the stands.
He’s part of Médecine Sans Frontière, an organization respected around the
world. These people risk life and limb to help people in various hell
holes. THEY ARE VOLUNTEERS. In any case if anyone actually cares about
the reality of the situation:
Medecine sans Frontière has no corporate masters and are 100% independent
and run by docs that are uber wealthy anyway. Hard to bribe someone making
a million a year. This is not a hoax. Is it being blown out of proportion
in the US?…of course. There will be no epidemic in the US…no one needs
to be too concerned…in Africa…this is NOT the case. Ebola is also a
horrific way to die…truly despicable. To use the pain and agony and
death of so many for whatever you get from calling it a hoax is also

Kale Van Ness says:

Strictly opinion based. No proof to back it up at all. Your video proves
nothing at all besides your deranged ideas and fear of green. I think that
depopulation by using ebola is far more likely. Your taking the conspiracy
thing a little to far. 

freeradiorevolution says:

ATTENTION! Those who wish to see me break down the FULL CNN VIDEO can see
it here: Ebola Hoax CONFIRMED: Full CNN video Reveals Crisis Acting + Fakery

Free Gucci says:

Ignorant fucks actually believe this is a fucking hoax?

Why in the hell does everything that bad happens in this world is a

freeradiorevolution says:

I’m starting to lose all sympathy for the sheeple. That people can watch
this video and see 100% proof of Crisis Acting, Staged News – and yet be
furious at me is just unbelievable. It boggles the mind how deep the
Cognitive Dissonance is…

sillenHDsportster says:

Were you born stupid or have you been brainwashed? Ebola has been around
since 1976 when it was first discovered! It´s NOT a hoax ! It´s REAL . 

oliver kostic says:

Was ist jetzt mit dem Ebola- Virus??
Macht er grad Pause?
Oder hat man den Virus jetzt in einen Malariavirus umgenannt, der total
resistent sein soll, und sich immens in Süd- Ost- Asien u. Afrika
verbreiten soll!

Michael Leitner says:

Eine nette Analyse, wie “Ebola”-Bilder zustandekommen!

shaun heron says:

I asked yesterday…. “where has this ebola gone? you know the disease that
was gonna wipe out mankind” it just seems to have disappeared.
Was it real in the first place?

deathtokoalas says:

absolutely, let’s hang everyone at the cdc. ebola, aids, bubonic plague,
chicken pox – even the common cold. it’s all a hoax. are there viruses in
the bible? no. clearly, then, viruses don’t exist.

what actually happened in the middle ages was that there was an attack by
aliens, who wiped out half the population as a starting point for the
invasion that started in the renaissance and is reaching a tipping point
with a terraforming of the planet so they can move in.

the so-called flu outbreak in 1917 was just an excuse to scare people into
allowing the federal reserve to start printing fake money.

Hollands Glorie says:

I would not even wipe my ass with your birth certificate. You know shit
from Shinola and should be so ashamed. This is your own version of
holocaust denial. Al those people that have been killed by this horrible
decease, and a numb nut like you trying sheeple to convince that it is not
really happening. You are just incredibly stupid. I hope very bad things
will happen to you.

rAdiant Jet says:

This same green color has been associated with the zombie apocalypse for
the past few years now. Remember people it’s not the ebola you need to
worry about. It’s the vaccines they want to give you. That is what you need
to worry about. Because I am sure they are going to force you to take it.
No matter what, REFUSE IT!! Also when the main stream news media wants to
sell the story. They always use that whisper type voice. Like he is trying
to be genuine about the guy rolling around in the mud pretending to be in
the late stages of ebola. The guy is not even sweating!!! He should be
having a very high fever and his skin should be braking out in blisters and
boils. The guy look totally healthy!!

Nunny says:

It must be nice to live in your fantasy world, it seems much more fun than
real life.

XxƘƗℵℵxX XxᏰʊℛϮxX says:

Yes and no. YES that was clearly fake and I have seen MANY fakes its
obvious though then again there are MANY people who die from ebola so it
doesn’t mean you haft to make fun of them and saying they ALL are a bunch
of shiets. I mean they have some nice people over there who sadly really do
have ebola and really haft to fight against it. Do you know how many fakes
I have seen of Aids? Cancer? ect. I mean it gos ON AND ON AND ON I mean
people will fake anything to get the money from the public. Simple as that.
Yet what are you gonna go fake crying and mock women who do have breast
cancer? or people who really do have aids? I mean I respect you trying to
tell people somewhat the truth but when it comes to respect for those who
really are suffering and dying isent exactly gentleman like nor respectful
in any manor. Sorry for this comment but I just wanted to say this cuz it
made me EXTREMELY more upset how you were going “EHHHHHH” when that faker
was already fakin it. Anywayz over all nice video but try to be alittle
more respectful for those whom really do have the virus.

Clarence LeBlanc says:

300 000 views. Congrats. I guess if religion can do it so can you. 

haaydin says:

Dude your a freaking moron and how dare you mock those ebola victims. Ebola
is real. However yes, i will admit the US is over hyping this pandemic as
they do with everything. But, that doesn’t negate the fact that those are
real sick people. You have no actual facts to support your clause your just
going based off what you see. And anyone who believes your crap, is the
true sheeple. 

John Gilbert says:

My friend was in Liberia and he said that they were watching American TV
about the Ebola epidemic. No one in the country could find an epidemic.
It was a huge hoax! 

JoStylin says:

The wierdest thing is why did they send 3000 troops to West Africa? to
shoot at Ebola? 3000 Doctors would have been better.

XPStorm says:

Evolution created virus to kill us so we don’t overpopulate the world. Nuff

annie46664 says:

~South Africa~

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