Ebola heroes in Guinea

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“We say a Scout for a day, a Scout forever. I’m proud as Scout to have contributed to the training of many young boys who are today giving a lot to their community.” Morlaye, Boy Scout leader, Guinea.

Guinea was one of the three countries mostly affected by Ebola in West Africa. When Ebola was declared in Guinea, UNICEF – with funding from the European Commission – supported the Scouts for the distribution of hygiene materials in the affected communities. People’s trust in the Scouts helped convince the communities that the disease was real and increase the use of proper precautions not to catch the virus.

The EU has been active in the response to the Ebola emergency from the start. It has mobilised all available political, financial and scientific resources to help contain, control, treat and ultimately defeat Ebola. Together with its Member States, it has made available close to €2 billion in financial aid. While Guinea is now Ebola free, the European Commission is closely monitoring the situation in country together with its partners. Prevention is essential to avoid a new outbreak.

Read more about the EU response to Ebola: http://bit.ly/1EA91n5

Video by Unicef


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