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Wearing and removing the protective gear for Ebola health care workers is a tedious process. Nurse Barbara Smith and Dr. Bryan Christensen demonstrate the recommended way for U.S. health care workers to use personal protective equipment during a training session at the Javits Center in New York.

Thumbnail photo: Seth Wenig/Associated Press

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Marcel Kakozi says:

This protective gear is obviously not working because 2 doctors already got infected from the disease

Andrey Andreev says:

I only seen 22 steps

spectralprospectus says:

You can use "hand sanitizer" all you want… It only kills bacteria. Ebola is a virus idiots…

Silverine77 says:

As a nurse I can tell you that in FL we have already started these steps. Any patient who has 2 or more symptoms is put on this protocol, no matter where they come from. It is very tedious to gown up an down, but it is the safest way at this point.

Morgan Anderson says:

Shouldn't something cover the sides of their face?

Edwin Dearborn says:

Very insightful on how to protect our nurses.

Lady Azkadelia says:

30 Steps A Nurse Must Take – Sponsored by The Makers of Hand Sanitizer

MultiMegaMaxx says:


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