Ebola Fears – Airborne Virus Quarantine In America – Martial Law Population Control

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Further research has revealed that our Government is planning on a complete takeover by using not only Fear from Ebola but a new strain of Influenza that will depopulate the United States as well as the entire World. Control and Depopulation are the agenda due to our financial situation and unsustainable consumption of resources. No matter if you believe Ebola is real or a Hoax, You need to be prepared to transition into a new way of life because it is coming no matter what.
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Anne M says:

The civil unrest is coming about from the race wars, illegals will break down the welfare system, and they are trying to get us every year with that damn flu vaccine. Last years had me deadly sick

Ebola World Wide says:

If strain of Ebola was airborne it would be as infectious as smallpox, they would be dropping like flies, the Virus would have to mutate to become airborne !  now cross smallpox with Ebola, you will have a serial killer, and then I'm gong to live on the moon alone…. You need a government facility to make a Bio-Weapon like that, and the is only a 100 facility world wide….( one government facility is Porton Down in England)

Yes the is a strain of airborne Ebola, but non infectious to humans presently!

A virus don't want to kill all of us, it just like to infect and spread, it likes to jump from host to host, when the virus kills its host as nowhere to go!……

Anyway  why worry about Ebola , when you have HIV in the world, HIV is more deadly than Ebola, a 100% kill rate… Sadly, HIV/AIDS in most parts of the developing world is still a quick death sentence. Lack of funds too often means no drugs, no education, no diagnosis or medical support. – And it stops us reproducing mankind, due to infection by sexual contact, if we all have HIV, mankind is doomed!_ so it may take years to kill you if you have actresses to Medicine , this is why HIV is more infectious! the Virus as more opportunity to infect the human race According to the latest figures, more than 34 million people worldwide currently live with HIV/AIDS…..also   findings suggest that in South Africa, patients starting ART have life expectancies around 80% of normal life expectancy, provided that they start treatment before their CD4 count drops below 200 cells/µl. 

let put this into perspective, We are all going to Die, hopefully of old age, all we can hope for is a graceful, dignified and pain free death, but unfortunately they don't have this luxury in west Africa at the moment! 

An Ebola treatment center in West Africa, is a new age hospice, with a 20% survival rate, The is no cure, the only thing that can done is, give them food, water, any drugs available, and recurrence , this may help them survive until your immune system kicks in and fights off the disease! so we in the west may have a better survival rate than 20%, due to the cocktail of drugs they can give you to help  fights off the disease!, but this theory of mine is untested at the moment, but what we can be sure of is Ebola will keep popping up until we find a vaccine!

So the real question is Ebola one more Diseases of poverty, I would have to say yes-   West Africa reflects not only the transmissible of virus, but also the sad circumstances of poverty and the chronic lack of medical care, infrastructure, and supplies. One of the consequences of being poor in Africa, especially in a country like Liberia or Sierra Leone, which have gone through a lot of political turmoil and have weak governance and a shortage of medical resources.

So if you do care about humanity, why don't you  Donate as much as you can to an Ebola Crisis Appeal! and give them a fighting chance! 

UNICEF  your gift of £75 could provide a tarpaulin to be used as a temporary community shelter for children and families affected by the outbreak.

When, when, when, Ebola comes to our back yard! are do what I did in china in 2003 in China-During to SARS outbreak, and listen to government advice, Being in a hot zone brings your life into perspective, and the best thing you can do is Hope for crisis to end soon, and you don't get Infected…….Just like West Africa is doing at the Moment!

madpladder says:

I know its true. Its a made viruse that they put to Africa to make it induce fear and like it came from there and then get us ready to take it here. They are making mandatory to get a flue shot if you are going to visit anybody in the hospital. Our rights are quickly being stripped away by them with reason they create to take the rights away. 

Stephanie Struble says:

Personally, I think the Ebola thing is BS! I mean, sure it is out there and it does exist, but only a few cases here and there. I feel, in my heart, it is an excuse for mandatory vaccines that they will use Nano Particles for the RFID and u will never know it. When it is time, they will flip the frequency switch thru the cell towers and your appliances at home and completely paralize your neurological system and they will round us up like cattle and take us to ther FEMA slaughter houses. I say stay away from any Government medicine!

astroboy979 says:

Lol we've passed the clearance stage for it. Its over

horsefaceemily says:

Ebola Madness will bring In martial law.

word20 says:

Here you can read for yourself 

rod brown says:

It's a product of the Bio Weapon labs that have been in Liberia for 25 years or more.
Liberian newspapers don't seem over worried, maybe they know they test in isolated areas?
 I can't buy the ignorance though, when this virus has been enhanced and weaponised for such a long time, possibly set up time atm?
Even Russia has it in their bio arsenal so I've read, so they'd know all about it.
Revelation 6:8, this is the time we're approaching. We've had the white and red, war on terror, the black, the bankruptcy of nations to a world bank, now the Pale Horse, Jesus Christ will return after all this chaos, turn to him.
Look it up!

Mikey says:

Let me ask you this Tom, how long  until you think it will be until martial law will be called for? weeks, months? Years?
I am betting it isn't going to happen nationwide. If it does happen at all it will start out in small pockets across the US. You can't just put out a nationwide martial law call.. Too many people will fight against it and chaos will ensue.. But that is my opinion.. Just like you have your opinion.  I am interested in your thoughts on it.

Daniel Ortiz says:

+Tom Lupshu  You may like this. I think Ebola was a way to justify all these trainings and set-ups, for a bigger one. It's possible that the Ebola virus' cases in America will be shown on December. December because the virus behaves linearly, then geometrically, then exponentially, in cities with high density , the time span can be really short from one phase to another. Under 60° f (under 15ºC) (not sure) the virus can go airborne and survive in surfaces up to 51 days (at 4°C), up to 12% of the cases can go over the 21 days(some studies say 5%) for a whopping total of 42 days leaving a 2% that can go asymptomatic or those which origin cannot be traced.
one sneeze can contaminate a surface 5m2 for 50 days in cold weather.


fzanefzane says:

the reason why they are doing so much with eboLIE right now is that in October, the government agencies all have to justify their budget numbers for next year.  So, they're just basically using the eboLIE hoax to pad their budget numbers for next year.

fzanefzane says:

don't fall for the fake FEARBoLIE hype!  they did all this same shit with the swine flu a few years back, remember?  

Jennifer Harney says:

Tom, are you married? <3 I just wanna say thank you for all you're doing. I really admire people like you that want to get the Truth out there… It's very frustrating trying to get Sheeple to Wake Up! People just think im crazy… lol. I used to be a very quiet , shy person until recently. It's strange but i just got this sudden Epiphany or something… now i cant seem to stop trying to get thru to people… its like something i have to do or something! lol. Anyways… sorry for rambling on, this is the first video i've seen of yours, but i really liked it, shared it and subscribed 😉 i NEVER leave comments either which is kinda weird… lol. oh yea… i have just  one question… Do you think that people that live out of town, like on property need to worry about getting taken to Fema Camps? Or mostly just people in the cities? Just curious…

Werner van Run says:

Omg cats are chasing mice the world is going to end soon…..

geri konecy says:

the best thing we should do is learn to make your own nano or colloidal silver it is the best thing to use against microbes in the body.they could do this through chemtrails .

Annie Logical says:

Please watch this, showing the 2012 Mittal tower showcasing the Ebola virus, proof pre planned!(P2) PROOF THAT MITTAL TOWER AT OLYMPICS IS EBOLA VIRUS!

TB says:

If your in Africa you can just fly right in to USA. Govt wants us all dead. The ebola will be spread all over. Already being done on purpose.

Matthew Richards says:

Thought this might be interesting
Obama Says Ebola Is a Trial Run for Coming AIRBORNE Disease!

Mark Brown says:

Another related oddity, the two nurses that had limited contact with the guy got ebola even though they were wearing PPE, but the girlfriend and kids that had to stay in the apartment and had close quarters with him for an extended period of time did not get infected. Something smells funny.

Mark Brown says:

I see what you are saying..but, what I don't see is where the profit is. It is always about the money. You can't get taxes, or steal money from prisoners, or dead people.

Jeff Swartout says:

My guess is when vaccine is mandatory it will be written in that with inoculation you also accept the chip in order for them to monitor at any time who has accepted vaccine, been vaccinated and was easily controllable….those not chipped down the road will be determined to be "resisters" and patriots and trouble….and dealt with quite differently…and yes chip is grain of rice size and is inserted via needle in web of hand…it will be separate process done at same time you are vaccinated.  Look for medical martial law first to lock down society so they can get to us when they want….we won't be buggin out if we don't get out right away because they will shut down highways with troops to contain travel under guise of containing disease.

SNAFU radio says:


torchdu says:

its not airborne yet!! …is it?

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