Ebola Family Protection Plans

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This is my plans for Ebola. It has 3 stages. It comes from my H5N1 bird flu plans.


Jared Harrison says:

They need to leave those people out of our Borders

The Peaceful Prepper says:

Thanks for sharing your plans – good tips and some things to really think about.

Willows Garden says:

Great plans my friend and you do what you have to do to keep your family safe. Take care and God Bless!

GlutenFree OnThePrairie says:

Such sad thoughts… Better to be prepared than not. I have been canning and dehydrating every day. I have stocked up on toiletries and other medical supplies. Stocked up on hand sanitizer, vitamins and disinfectants. Not much else we can do but wait it out in the event of an outbreak in our area…but hoping for a brighter outcome. Best of luck to everyone if SHTF…but my family must come first. Blessings.

suprdav403 says:

very well done

FrugalPrepper says:

The only thing I might suggest is to put up some BioHazard tape around your home and print up some quarantine signs to post on the door in stage 3. This will encourage people not to want to come in.  I ordered the tape on amazon yesterday it was like $19 for 1000 feet.

combatjm89 says:

Good outline. It sucks to have to deny others help, but nothing can be done to risk your family/group. Nothing.

✰ Truther ✰ says:

well done

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