Ebola Facts + Conspiracies

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A comprehensive look at the 2014 Ebola outbreak including facts and conspiracy theories, and comparisons to previous outbreaks of AIDS and H1N1. ————…


Neil Wallace says:

Salt helps prevent dehydration mate. Ebola dehydrates.

Fantasy Football Weekly says:

The information was really interesting, just a little too much information
for one video. The video length could have been shorten. But definitely
interesting and a bit scary when you think that the media can hide this
information so easily.

Supermagos9 says:

What’s with the irrelevant music and the STATIC NOISE, you IDIOT. Just

Shams Charania says:

Nice information but the presentation wasn’t so welcoming and you can
definitely make it more comforting for viewers. Yes, Ebola is not a
comforting topic but this sounds like an alien video! Ha. Good info though.

On The Road Tech Reviews says:

Yeah man! Ebola developed right alongside AIDS at Fort Detrick in Maryland.
Scary stuff…

Ft. Detrick Biological Warfare Program 1950s Maryland US Army

simshead says:

I almost couldn’t tell what that was in the beginning.. then you put it in
the background lol it was kind of hard to focus on you. I like you added
video into this so not only are you telling us information we see it as
well from people it’s educational. Good job.

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