Ebola: Everything You Need To Know In 94 Seconds

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How much do you think you know about Ebola? Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/18yCF0b Ebola? What is it? And how will it affect you? Is it the …


BuzzFeedBlue says:

Get your facts straight.

William WAGENER says:

1st. Ebola, like AIDS, was created at Fort Dietrick, Md, in the
CIA-Military Bio-Warfare lap. Not by bats near the Ebola River. If that
was true, Ebola would have wiped out Africans near the river centuries
ago. LIE by the MEDIA controlled by the Bankers.

2. No one died in USA from Ebola, in Texas or anywhere else, UNLESS they
were injected with the Ebola Virus. And if they had a Anti-ebola vaccine
that worked in USA, why does it not work on black people in Africa? BIG
LIE again. What they are trying to
do is prepare you to be scared into taking a Ebola Vaccine that WILL
Actually KILL you, after your injected.

3. Remember, the mis- Government of USA & UK AND NETWORK MEDIA… lied
about TWA flight 800, it WAS shot down by a missle, Gov & Media LIED about
Oklahoma Bombing, and about the 7WTC collapse 6 hours after the Twin
Towers, acress a wide street at WTC in NYC. WHY should you believe
this Ebola Crap.

Hershy Dog says:

all the other fucking sicknesses they mentioned aren’t contagious but for
ebola if you touch someones saliva, poo, pee, blood,mucus, earwax you get
infected so yea people do worry about ebola and wash your hands and wear

YYYxEEE says:

Oh my god. Fucking liars, presenting mixed up information. First of all, if
you’re gonna pretend this is Ebola Zaire, then it is a 90% death rate, not
50%. Second of all, the strain going around right now is not Zaire, it is
97% identical to Zaire, but it is not Zaire. Now, Ebola-Zaire yes, is quite
difficult to catch but not this strain. The growth rate of this strain
obviously indicates that it is way more transmissible than previously
assumed, and there are already many things about ebola that the
international community still does not understand. Please stop spreading
this misinformation, it’s just going to kill people in the long run. Also,
great job listing all the things that kill people every year more than
ebola (currently), that was a good panic quelling tactic, but what are you
gonna say to people in January when there’s 1.4 million cases and about
700,000 dead? God, fuck you Buzzfeed, just, fuck you.

forbidden for life says:

Why are people freaking out about ebola? It isn’t easily catchable, and if
I remember correctly, people don’t swim around infected urine or don’t use

"Beer And Bones" says:

Entrovirus D-68 has killed at least 6 kids and over 40 of them now have
what they call paralysis, which is actually polio. The president is
allowing all these illegal’s in here and he is responsible for the
childrens death. People wake the fuck up. This man is a userper and needs
to be arrested and tried for treason along with many others. Our borders
are wide open. Watch the other hand. We are so focused on what the one hand
is doing, Just prepare for what the other hand is up too. Liberals fucked
up the usa

CeeZy Boy (The Realist) says:

Ebola is airborne Stop listening to lies. .

Tuco Pacifico says:

The “Spanish Flu” of 1918 killed millions of people in an age when they
didn’t have
airline travel. If you don’t think it can happen gain only worse, you are
deluding yourself.

chacahut says:

What if ebola mutates? And starts going airborne. also if ebola happened in
the bast how did we stop it? Was there people who developed and immunity?
Also in th 18 hundreds an ebola outbreak happened but soon disappeared
maybe it was people who through generations there body was immune to it by
genes. And those people who are immune had family members in the past who
died and they survived through it. 

gurryizaition says:

Evidently you can get it without coming into contact with someone’s bodily
fluids. How did multiple healthcare workers contract Ebola from the
patient in Dallas? It doesn’t add up, there’s evidence that shows that
Ebola has the inherent capability to become airborne and enter lung tissue
similarly to the way influenza does. Ebola wouldn’t be that big of a deal
if our government was actually willing to do something about it. Forget
screenings, we need to ban flights from affected countries or from anyone
who has been in affected countries. The inaction of our government in
honestly disgusting and I’m so disappointed in not only our leaders, but
the people who decided to let this monster enter the White House. Is he
trying to have us all killed? Americans shouldn’t have been going over
there in the first place. We were very lucky that those who came over for
emergency treatment were able to survive and seemingly not pass the disease
on to anyone else, but those situations should’ve never happened. Why put
yourself and your fellow Americans at risk. There comes a point where we
need to simply take care of our own. It almost seems like there is some
kind of conspiracy here. Our government won’t do anything about Ebola.
Thomas Duncan knows he could very well have Ebola, so he ups and leaves
Liberia to come to America and give us Ebola. Then, another healthcare
worker with Ebola gets on a commercial flight to Ohio with a fever, knowing
that she worked with a guy with Ebola. It seems like people are doing
everything in their power to start an American Ebola Epidemic.

Immajeanyus says:

Don’t read the comment section either if you’re scared. It doesn’t help.

KidCaribbean70 says:

Really? Do any of those other things you mention have the ability to spread
and kill as quickly exponentially? No, they do not. If you get your news
from BuzzFeed, you’re probably too stupid to read this warning.

Annabelandobsession says:

all the other ‘more fatal’ illnesses you listed are long term, EBOLA KILLS
YOU WITHIN A WEEK!!! That’s why i’m still fucking scared, and now its
coming to the UK so fuck that, immigration brings nothing but bad news to
put it politely 

James King says:

In the past quarantine worked very well to stop all previous outbreaks.
The new method of flying ebola victims and those exposed to ebola other
countries to limit its spread and finding a cure should be given a few more
months of testing and practical experience. Ebola virus RNA may not be
able to mutate with any other virus it is exposed to like the flu virus.
What are the chances of Ebola becoming an airborne disease? LOL
Seriously This disease organism is very dangerous people that have it
give it to other people more easily than in the past. There are 4
different strains of Ebola known at this time. How long will the CDC be
saying there are no known cases of Ebola transmission thru the air? So far
I think most of the experts in charge care too much about the victims and
not nearly enough about the people that have not been exposed to this
disease! Quarantine! Decontaminate. Limit the spread!

Dan D. Dirges says:

Why don’t Obola stop air traffic from africa? Why does the CDC lie to us?
You can get Obola from sweat at the Gym. You can get it in a restaurant. On
a Bus. In a Plane. etc etc. Its going to get bad people. really bad.

lol70721 says:

That ending….Nothing cheers me up more than knowing there are a shitton
of other things that can kill me, other than Ebloa.

Alan s. Hiwa says:

Ebola fact: its created by the united states. 

RelaxedMoose says:

Sorry to burst your happy bubble’s but Ebola is actually airborne much like
the flu. The Flu is like tiny little vapor droplets in the air and when you
breathe it in etc you contract the flu. Ebola can only be contracted if you
come in contact with someone bodily fluids. Someone coughs and those fluids
are suspended in the air. You breathe those in and you have Ebola. So Ebola
is actually an Airborne Virus, But the droplets suspended in the air won’t
last very long but you can get it through the air. Spread the word so
people can take precautions properly.

nathan tesfamicael says:

Is it just me or does no one care about ebola? They have found a cure, and
only 1 person in america died from it. U.S has better medical stuff,too.

Mary Mountain says:

I know! I don’t no why people are so worried. One person in the US. So,
just don’t touch someone’s poop, pee, spit, earwax, or vomit. I don’t know
about you, but I do that anyway.

Cassidy Cass says:

Diarrhea kills more people than ebola..?

Umar Bah says:

Man fuck all the racist comments and fuck all whites. I know damn well if
they had a cure they would prioritize over white then black. America doesnt
care about sierra leone or how their doing. Fuck all white people. They
dont care if my families homeland is destroyed by the virus

PJemus says:

is it only important that americunts are safe from ebola?

OtomeMome says:

For some reason this whole ebola thing is reminding me of a game I played
called..Infection I believe?
You goal is to create viruses, bacterias, fungus’s and such things, that
kills everyone in the world, and you have to make sure you kill everyone
before they find a cure.
What I learned from that game is….if you want the best chance of survival
you need to live in either Madagascar of Greenland.
(because whenever I lose the game it’s cuz’ of those two countries x___x)

karena supra says:

the most dangerous thing about ebola isnt how contagious it is right now,
its when the virus changes and mutates to an airborne virus

Dolphinitely says:

And all you “rich” people flying to foreign countries stop!
You’re bringing diseases back.
I hope the person who brought Ebola to north america dies a very painful

freeradiorevolution says:

Everything you need to know about Ebola in 2 seconds: IT’S A HOAX!
Come to my channel to learn the truth…

Sir Jensen says:

Ok first of all, I am pretty sure that if an ebola particle goes on a dust
particle, you could catch it, making it possible to get it airborne.
Second, this virus JUST started spreading, and its getting worse.

NinjaGamer713 says:

Why did it say turn off the tv

king pin says:

It kills 90% of the victims affected by it not 50% so you are 40% more piss
of then the 1:43 seconds angrier after you watch this video

Alyssa loves mlp and lps! says:

I’m scared 

Whiskertoes says:


Iwan says:

The fatality rate is actually around 45-55% but yeah…

Juvia Lockser グレジュビ says:

My mom has been having a fever,headaches,muscle pain, and vomiting please
help me….

adder2204 says:

I think this is getting muddled up with the way you catch AIDs, personally
I think this is what everyone thought AIDs was, just the merest skin
contact is enough to catch Ebola.

ParralauXI 97® says:

Why isn’t the US stopping any flights from the four West African countries
that have the outbreak?
This virus will eventually wipe out majority of us, if you have read the
Georgia guide stone you will get the idea. Ebola is a powerful bio-weapon
because it kills fast and has a 88% mortality rate. We’re are all doomed

ParrhesiaJoe says:

We’re not even sure if the flu is airborne, so let’s not go expressing
certainty about the nature of Ebola. This is a newer strain (21 days
incubation), so caution would be prudent.

“People are generally surprised to learn that scientists don’t know for
sure how flu spreads,” says Donald Milton, M.D., Dr.P.H., who directs the
Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health and led the study of
influenza virus aerosols published in the journal PLOS Pathogens on March
7, 2013.

tahlia bourke says:

Is it low in Australia

Evelyn Christy says:

TAKE THIS DOWN NOW. It is outdated, Bad information, no matter haw cute you
distribute it is still BAD INFORMATION. Some of the world’s BEST trained
doctors and nurses have died from contact they never knew they made.
TRAINED< EQUIPED Professionals that were the leading experts on EBOLA. Dead, and dying because it is NOT easy to protect yourself from Ebola. Blame is going on the nurse as she might have not taken off her gloves properly... hmm #1. need for gloves Others in the CDC speculate that her exposed flesh, not cut or scratched in any way. might have been the contact point... #2. need for total body coverage... The plane the nurse with NO SYMPTOMS, flew on the day before symptoms developed, was removed from service and de-contaminated. as well as her home, with EXTREAM MEASURES. All people on the plane have been contacted and are under observation. #3. Possibility exists that even with NO SYMPTOMS a person can be contagious. SOURCE: SIDRAP, Center for Disease research facility. CIDRAP is now advising the CDC and WHO that proper “personal protective equipment (PPE) ensures that healthcare workers remain healthy throughout an outbreak.” Based on scientific research, CIDRAP recommends the minimum protection for healthcare professionals in high-risk settings is a “powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) with a hood or helmet” that will filter 99.97% of all particles down to 0.3 microns in diameter. 

Danica DeCosto says:

Uh…yea. It’s so “difficult” to get that people in full hazmat gear get
it. :/

Felix Guerrero says:
ForeverRepublic says:

Ebola is nothing to be afraid of. It has a 50% fatality rate in Liberia,
where the vast majority of patients receive very little or possibly no care
at all. In any developed country including the U.S, the risk of death is
much lower.

If you’re scared you’re either misinformed or retarded.

LPSHavannah says:


fighter116 says:



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