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Ebola epidemics may be forcing African primate populations into extinction | Ebola Videos

Ebola epidemics may be forcing African primate populations into extinction

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Population surveys of gorillas and chimpanzees in Africa reveal that massive declines in ape populations over the last several decades correspond to Ebola outbreaks on the continent. According…

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wade wilson says:

Africans also eat the primates calling it “bush meat” which is how people
get ebola

Ugly midget and black says:

:'( my family is dying, humans are killing my kind

Prod Black says:

I find it funny how its 2015 yet ppl still call so called Negros Africans
or monkeys, last time i check monkeys had straight hair like cave dwellers
(white ppl) and also had thin lips like them too also it seems cave
dwellers are always obsessed with monkeys since day one. Also trying to
teach them sign language and how to ride bikes and shit, but try to loop
them in with Africans or Negros seems someone has a guilty conscious.

Minn Lin says:

jokes are too easy for this, I will pass lol

mine star says:

Second I care soory for the autocorrect :) :)

Garfunkel Shekelstien says:

R.I.P Black people- Err monkeys. 

MythMethuselah says:

“African primate populations” I wasn’t aware that the outbreak was present
in more than a few poverty stricken countries in West Africa.

Ace of Games says:

Thanks a lot Liberia. Save the apes, save the world

Grumpy G says:

For fuck sakes ,Just fucking say you test your medication on whatever you
want not whats needed fucking pieces if SHIT !!! .MAKES ME FUCKING MAD ,
FUCK THE NEW YORK TIMES all day !!!!!!!!!!

Paschtunist says:

Sad. I have many friends from Sub-Saharan Africa. They don’t deserve this.

Haakon Foss says:

1st, but who cares?

pokezee king-wolf says:

And whites say blks r the most racist lol I hate white ppl yes I’m racist
on the internet because reading the comments has built up a strange urge to

LeAnn Cortez says:

Good old science, testing everything horrible on apes and monkeys, but,
ironically, NOT something that could potentially save their
existence….face palm slap…

Trung QUAN Quan says:

Why fruit bat suck people should not bring stupid bat there animal will die

Crazy Cat Lady says:

why do animals always end up suffering from from humans’ fuck ups…? -_-

theDecisiveLion says:

Tomorrow never comes, and tomorrow news never gets done. 

NDSiXL says:

These fucking black African people are dirty.

Ender Animations says:

Welcome to under 301+ club! How tough are ya. 

ananthusarat says:

I want to say a racist joke but then I’ll be a douche

Mohamed Omer says:

At least something in Africa Will eat tonight .

Joe Fisherman says:

Rise of the the planet of Ebola gorrilas 

Niewidzialna ręka rynku says:

it’s too easy today, i rather just read some butthurt blackies here

RedDevilX says:

Well that’s one place I won’t be visiting….

smackinthatthang says:

Nooo not the monkeys. Dammit

Miguel Rios says:

People here we go again. Make sure to wear yall condoms on yall head. Here
they go again trying to fuck our brains. 

Cristano Lionel Messi Ronaldo says:

Look its Gareth Bale in the thumbnail 

Nigel Pennynickel says:


Coolbird00 says:

Is this news trying to sound racist? Or trying to warn us about something?

rola dura says:


Tommy Wiseau says:

It’s not the primates fault, it’s the people who eat them.

Yankee DaBronxBomber says:

Wow! Ebola is spreading among Nappy headed, naaaaah forget it, I’ll be

Just1MorePerson1 says:

oh nooooo they wont be be able to evolve into humans anymore

quasarvega says:

I was going to say a racist joke but i am going to slave it for later

Niewidzialna ręka rynku says:

actually i feel pretty bad for it now

mine star says:

.sec d I care :)

rhey dua says:

korny jokes around…for the love of money!!! im going to joke even if i’ll
look like a fool..tsk

Macarena Monster M.M says:

Cesar will know what to do 

frick poo says:

try this in the usa for the ghetto blacks. 

adrian nacevski says:

Kill bats they are shits 

Gunner Flash says:

3rd lol shut up rrrrrrrr

Matthew Crane says:

That slay that cant do that

aSStronaut111 says:

Have you ever had African food? Yeah, neither have they.

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