Ebola “Epidemic” (M.S.F.), “Outbreak” (W.H.O.) In Africa ; Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone…

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12 Days Incubation Period, Symptom-Free, while Contagious…; then 2 Days to a fortnight to die, if Barrier- Nursing is available… ? So, with 8 deaths in the Capital City of Guinea, as of…


Lorelei La says:

It’s not ‘loose in Africa’. And it’s not transferred like flu (airborne).
It’s transferred by close contact. It’s in two countries in the continent
of Africa, which are next door neighbours. The country north of that has
closed its borders. Scaremongering is not the way to go Warbles.

MacNutz2 says:

We dogged the bullet once during the first big outbreak when an infected
Belgian nun was flown back to Europe for treatment, before they realized
just how contagious it actually is. We can’t dodge bullets forever.

VB Ed says:

Some say that man evolved and came out of Africa…Perhaps the disease that
will destroy man will come out of Africa also ?

walkabout16 says:

If it’s spread on contact, Then don’t touch the fruit bats!
Ebola, A.I.D.S and what else can come from other countries?
Quarantine and a change in life styles seems to be the only short term

amid billow says:

Ebola Gay will do you away
Stay close to the wall, walk sideways.
It may be April the First but lets hope roos and wallys don’t get bovine
TB. They won’t innoculate- they’ll call open season. They didn’t innoculate
in Britain during the latest foot and mouth. So that leaves it open to
outbreak again. April Fools, alright.

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