Ebola Effects Exposure (Where is the BST Kill?!)

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Angel Dlr says:

The rule is no picking up bst. He picked it up. DQ idgaf if it was by accident or not he Probably just got it to get everybody one shot or waste time so nobody will kill him If you fgts still wanted to keep the series going he would of killed himself as soon as he got the bst 1 point less for your team but thats for fucking up aint our fault yall play cheap asf

MoNeY says:

Fwm bro i'm tryna get into this V action

Kotals says:

gs 😅 some ppl salty asf

Murda UTM says:

Gs They said I had best😠😠😂🍆

Teggy OG says:

Gs Probe 💪💪 😂😂

Confessionzs says:

they didn't want the work in second game gs son 😘

weekellz says:

I think these mexicans are slow or something lol look at the video noone dq'd so stop saying we did lool😂

Jay #1 says:

best free aimer ik

MHP says:

I'm just going to say this, not about to start a comment war. We won and your members use this bst and suppi picked it up and shoot at me and put me one shot xd. You think I use FAA? explain how same RP and I make clips all day long and montages. If we was cool you would be like " oh yeah true " lol Ebola beat utm now the purge / xtdm video will be uploaded tonight. #Goodbye UTM. I accomplished my goal.

xORIGINSz says:

Why he dont kill himself?._.

xZAIKOz says:

me odian ?

xINMORTALz says:

later check my channel And NO RE 4 times 😂😂😂

Vintally says:

Good shit

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