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Ebola Disease Outbreak 2014 is a HOAX! (Redsilverj) | Ebola Videos

Ebola Disease Outbreak 2014 is a HOAX! (Redsilverj)

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https://www.facebook.com/Redsilverj Ebola Disease Outbreak 2014 is a HOAX! (Redsilverj) Ebola Hoax New World Order Psyop Exposed! Worldwide Alert! (Redsilver…

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Rach T says:

Why would the people in Africa claim it’s not real? Why would they say
that? It makes no sense! Parent’s have children to worry about, family
members to worry about, etc. Maybe it is because they really know what is
going on in their back yard? People are trying to claim the people in
Africa do not believe it because they are very superstitious. These people
have the intelligence to discern what is real and what is not. Swine Flu,
H1N1 – vaccine readily available. For several years in a row we heard
about different illnesses. Why is it that ebola is any different? Same
story different epidemic. I have read comments that said ” Well, if you
don’t believe it’s real than go to Africa “. If CNN reporters can walk
around in Africa and be around ” sick ” people with no protection on and be
perfectly fine, why can’t any one else do the same? Thanks for the video.

Frank Black says:

The 2nd CONFIRMED case in the USA. Nobody knows how many are infected. You
need to see the video by 4 star marine general John Kelley before you
dismiss Ebola as a Hoax.

swatnc says:

Vaccine no thanks I’ll take my chances you don’t know what they put in it
and it hasn’t been tested and given trials. Fear the vaccine

The Kneady Homesteader says:
stacemart says:

If ya get the chance check out my latest vid “A night on the town in the
good ol usofA.
I think youll get a laugh out of it.

cyfer4420 says:

F_©k Fear
Love your
Fellow man

KB9NLL says:

I paused the video and read the article at the beginning. It called
Liberians Lebanese, lol.

cyfer4420 says:


Redsilverj says:

#Ebola #Disease #Outbreak #2014 #HOAX

sleepinglion lion says:

dont get vaccines 

David King says:

I only believe in my balls,and they look like raisins/fuck out a here,I
need a vaccine for my e bolas ,,mis BOLAS

Angelica B says:

Thank you redsilver Jay …for reading my comment on how HIV is an example 

Harold Davis says:

I don’t believe in Israel either.

azumanation says:

People here in the United States can be so mindless & so quick to forget
what happened today let alone the day before. this Ebola phenomena is
indeed a rehashed version of the swine flu pandemic of 4yrs ago. and a
re-rehashed version of the bird flu pandemic 8yrs prior to the Ebola &
swine flu pandemics! and ironically a large chunk of the American
population are still allowing this government & the electronic media to
fool & string their dumb asses along! the Africans & the rest of the world
knows the Ebola virus is a fucking HOAX because they was taught over 30yrs
ago that Ebola is an disease that only monkeys can contract. and Ebola is
only airbourne in monkeys. they also have discovered that the Red Cross is
spreading diseases in their nations that are not Ebola but some other
viruses that are being falsely classified as Ebola to shake up their
government/economy and cause chaos to give the United Snakes government an
excuse to bring in mercenaries to steal the newly discovered oil reserves
in Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia & Nigeria. so the Africans have found the
real culprit of the unrest there and are kicking the Red Cross out of their
nations and rightfully so! now this government is spreading lies here that
this nation have been hit by Ebola as a way to suspend the Constitution and
usher in martial law. Americans stop being so goddamn stupid by going along
with these government psyops & open up your 3rd eye. the quicker you do
this will be the determining factor in you surviving these government
manufactured events!

theIAMofME says:

Worth the watch.

Harry Dowell says:

It was the experts DRIVER that believed Ebola was fake.


MJBB33 says:

You keep doing what you are doing Manny! God Bless You brother!

Santiago Green says:
Learn of the Jesuit order says:

Ebola was staged in Africa and now in the U.S. The shills are probably
like damn, why does this have to be so ridiculous, we can’t shill on this
crap >_<

OZHKAR1 says:

Ebola Disease Outbreak 2014 is a HOAX! (Redsilverj)

Erica mcclish says:

#Ebola #Disease #Outbreak #2014 #HOAX

sleepinglion lion says:


Angelica B says:

The vaccination is the government’s way for spreading the disease. So just
don’t get it. 

sleepinglion lion says:


Showmethe Evidence says:

Back in 76 the propaganda was so heavy that the bottom line was, you would
die if you didn’t take the shot. I decided to hold off at first then
fortunately the reports of people dropping dead from the swine flu shot
came rolling in. At that point I realized that holding off was the right

Raw approach 78 says:

Keep it going keep it going there’s no epidemic I’m not scared at all just
the forced vaccine I wonder if u don’t don’t will they threaten us with
jail time etc. great job red silver j. ” U NEED TO BE AFFRAID” classic
video hilarious. Ebola just media driven in a week or less that second
person will die or third person catches Ebola in America there’s a pattern
mark my words

whatadollslife says:

you so right,well said 

nuggz503 says:

Probably cause West Africans are smarter than Americans. A turtle is
smarter than americans.

DCS Lightworker says:

The man pressure washing Duncan’s vomit into the street without a suit on
and protective gear should have Ebola by now! Seriously this is just too

Linda Klase says:

Excellent analysis and commentary. The voice of reason rather than MSM

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