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Ebola Disease in Dallas Tx by JT (Real Talk) | Ebola Videos

Ebola Disease in Dallas Tx by JT (Real Talk)

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Corey Miller says:

I heard its spreading through dallas fast, and people are filling the
hospitals that might have it. i’m praying for you bro.

Edward1975 says:

Great video, as christians everywhere need to be praying, fasting, and
REPENTING daily more than ever so that the Almighty GOD (King Jesus the
Christ) may continue to pour out HIS abundant mercies and graces into our
lives! Especially us african american males here in Dallas and throughout
the US because we are a dying (spiritually) breed!!

Focused on Truth says:

Amen brother. This is truth. You know, we as true followers of Christ need
to lead the charge in walking by faith & not by sight. When you’re sure
that the word of God is true, you’re aware of the signs & seasons we must
encounter before the return of our saviour. As well, the work we servants
must complete in the meantime. Let us not become distracted by the world’s
fear mongering & remain focused on truth… Peacefully!

Maureen De gooyer says:

Well said brother, bless you.

charles mercadel says:

Good video from the brother in Christ

ppdrawings says:

Yes Sirrrrrr!! Yes Sir!!! We are seeing a little bit of everything these
days!!! I agree with you bro… It’s just a setup for that false peace to
rise and deceive many!!! Lets stay in the word bro!!!!

skaismith says:

TRUTH, SPOKEN TRUTH JT! My husband works outside the home, our youngest and
oldest go to school! However we ALL sleep like babies at night, Amen?!
Yah’s kingdom is at hand, time and date? Heck, Yeshua doesn’t even know,
however we must REPENT and continue on in the REAL YAH! NOT JESUS (REAL
NAME HAIL ZEUS)! Hallelujah, today is the Day of Atonement by the way, its
still not to late to afflict your soul and seek repentance people of
Israel! Bless you JT for Truth Bro :-) 

his own12 says:

Preach on my brother!!! Preach on!!! We are bad times right now you are
right ,but how many pastors are going to call a shut in prayer,to pray over
the city of dallas,tx for god to protect his people and worldly people from
this disease?Something to thing about and why are the pastors not warning
the people about the plans of satan and the world system? Pastors
everywhere around should take notice of is going on in this world today and
prepare the people and preach salvation,delieverance,and the cross so god
can deliever these people and pray for a cure for this disease for
everyone because everyone deserves to live.Time is not waiting for no one
it keep passing by,I remember a old song from Douglas Miller called Pass me
not oh gentle savior hear my humble cry.God reveal to his true people
everywhere whats going on, lets stand in the gap from one other and these
people with the disease,and souls everywhere for god to heal,deliever,and
set these people free and for gods protection. We must work the work him
that sent us while day when night comes no man can work.Keep working for
Jesus because hes the answer for the world today! In the words Team 3D Bro

GraceTruthTeacher says:

Amen Bro JT! This is NOT the first time it has entered the US. It is the
first time they are trying to “distract” us with it. Keep the truth coming.

Justin Lugo says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

kate_loves_Christ says:

PLEASE Keep telling His Truth As Long As U Can!!
Thanks for REAL REPORT from Ground Zero Ebola!
The Gospel: “Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures: And
that He was
buried, and that He rose again the third day according to the
scriptures” 1 Cor.15: 1-4

Kevin Davis says:

Now it’s done spread’d too more people we most keep praying an lifting one
another up an keep our eye’s on Christ an stay in his word not mans words!!

Kay Miley says:

Hey, i’m in dallas too!

Ej Walker says:

Stay with Jesus doc! All is in control by him alone! Peace!

Prince Michael says:

God bless you brother. Continued to spread the truth.

Miss Mica says:

boy boy boy, my coworkers think im crazy. they asked mica are you scared If
it comes to Alabama? my response, scared for what? I got the LORD on my
side and maybe if you get your mind out of the tell-lie-vision and get to
know the LORD then you won’t be scared neither. AMEN

Shannon Rushing says:

AMEN ..LETS .. worship the LORD THY GOD!! ….4EVER!!

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