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Ebola: Disease boom-bust cycle on Mainstreet | Ebola Videos

Ebola: Disease boom-bust cycle on Mainstreet

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Fears over Ebola have seen around 18-thousand nurses go on a 2-day strike in the American city of Oakland. They’re concerned about, what they claim, are low …

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User123 says:


truthaddsup always says:

Ebola = Money Making Scheme for Big Pharma.

Don’t take those vaccinations!

BannedUfos says:

0:56 Alex Jones doesn’t realize how much he was hurting his reputation by
fear mongering about Ebola. He was acting even worse than the MSM with his

sid says:

Muricans pussies! fat ugly supid Muricans

Josh Fields says:

Bring back the 1918 Spanish flu and the Black death of the 14th century it
is time to cull the herd oh how i love a good Bonfire .

dat poor nigga rainbow lion says:

Can imagine if this was in Russia the pathient who be shot on sight and the
virus will never be realize and plus Russia are racist to Africans. Russia

Keanu Victor says:

The last person to be treated for Ebola in the US was released yesterday
Ebola free. There is no one now being treated for it in the US. Love how RT
just sniffs through everything that happens in the US like a fly in shit.
On some RT stories they blame the US for taking it way too far and being
over pre cautious and then on other videos they show protests that
immediately contradict those views. It is as if RT think that everyone who
watches their news won’t remember an article that happened a week or so

Arthern Lambert says:

RT have no right to contribute to the Ebola debate, the Russian government
have made no contribution to this West African crisis. They have no
vaccine. they forwarded no funds, no personnel, no military or medical
teams. Russia are as useless AS EVER !! The World looks to the West for
help. Russia can’t be bothered with other peoples suffering. Selfish self
serving morons

Wayne Burkett says:

TED Thomas Eric Duncan, remember the TED conference bill gates held where
he openly admits his intention to depopulate using pandemics and vaccines
and gmos, the whole thing was staged, which explains the careless behavior
of health officials, also the defiant nurse is a CDC intelligence

horsefaceemily says:

Ebola Bullshit, one dead no Ebola Its the vaccine that will kill you Its
cancer pure slow kill cancer, there by law going to Inject us all with,DO

MyraiTrunks says:

Why they are dancing?

BlueBudProductions says:

That is creepy as fuck that they both happened in October… just 5 years


Fucking Niggers 

Jamil Ahmed says:

Where is (Gil the jeep) LOL!!)) 

TwisterChrisable says:

Colloidal silver will be your best defense in any virus. But still the flu
killed about 52,000 people last year alone so why freak out ebola when it
looks like the flu is more dangerous

Robert Peterson says:

Chinks(Bird Flu and Sars Virus) and Niggers(Ebola and Malaria) produce the
most diseases. Deport all Asians and Blacks.

LyleVertigo says:

All american news should be accompanied by laugh tracks.

Keanu Victor says:

Also funny how this didn’t even make it onto America national television
but only on California State television networking and yet RT put it on
their main channel. Seriously RT ?? 

Sykout says:

I can’t believe people still watch mainstream media…they voluntarily
program themselves….comical.

TheVee909 says:

There is no more Ebola Bcus it’s Christmas time & the Elites need U to get
out & spend Ur money all the way through the New year then Ebola will
probably be back again or some other man made laboratory disease. lol!!

444age says:

Another Media Jackpot

Some Guy says:

Lmao its funny how all of the people from the western countries who have
caught the virus are treated and well, while Africans die because there’s
“no cure” yet.

This is another way to get rid of the people that are poor.

The richest and most powerful in this world only keep alive those who are
useful and consume products made by their companies. Most people in Africa
eat bush meat, vegetation and other products that the rich dont make money

Call it conspiracy or whatever you want, but this is what’s going on. 

navtel says:

it was all one giant pile of SH*T.. 

Shawn Michael Scott says:

Happiest protesters ever

Leiva L says:

America’s good for a laugh, what a joke.

J Ryan says:

“Russia Today” isn’t this a propaganda news channel? Russia has nothing to
contribute to the free world. Anything to oppose or to expose the U.S. &
EUROPE is commendable, however, anything to do with Russia is not the most
reliable source of information.

whiteXsupremacy Slayer says:

Some Liberians say there poisoning the waters too, so maybe we can’t even
believe the deaths are all ebola related 

stevie lundyjr says:

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kumentador says:


– US Government

VampireSoul1217 says:

If not for Ebola this video will not be here pray the lord ebola

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