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UN Ebola chief: Could become airborne; top doctors: may already be airborne; CDC issues new EMR guidelines for 1st responders; RSOE reveals biological hazards all around the country; Canada…


watershed44 says:

IF this ebola situation in the US is true, (and I am still thinking that
this is a huge PSY OP hoax) ALL US HIGH FEDERAL OFFICIALS (including the
Tried and if convicted, placed in front of a firing squad and publicly

Margo Singery says:

No problems hearing you on this end…….

The fact they already planned to activate Disaster Teams this month is all
I need to know about just how well planned this is! And what are the odd’s
that the last day of September is when they announced the man in
Dallas……thanks :)

WakeUpFreeBrave says:

Carol, yes, I agree, I am not getting my subscribed videos as I did in the
past, including yours!!! Very bizarre. Yes, I agree this thing could take
off like a wild fire. I suggest all stock up on food and water!!! And for
God’s sake, when they say “come get your Ebola, rabies vaccine”, DON’T!!!
May God be with us all!!! Peace & Light

Anna K says:

Sometimes I have trouble hearing your videos, but this video was fine.

Starlight says:

audio is peeking at -12 which is fine..but is only on the left channel so
check your pan settings.

Jason Knight says:

I am also having problems with RSOE site. Cannot get it to load, 

Caji1 says:

The CDC needs their a$$es beat and I mean beat good….I really hate a damn
Liar….Strap them down and pour Ebola down their throats. This might quit
some of their lying……Thanks for video…

Red October says:

EBOLA, those that are infected will be like Zombies…..THE WALKING DEAD.


Think back to the report Obama issued about quarantining people who show
signs of respiratory illiness:) Creepy….

ISENTRY . says:

A good reason why they were notified months ago..?
‘Ebola – It began in Guinea in December 2013 then spread to Liberia and
Sierra Leone’
…a “Pre”caution maybe?!

Ladyshystar says:

Yes Ms Kafka, I missed this vid. I had to go to your page to check what you
put out. They are really making us work for the info now. I have also been
unsubbed from a number of people that I have been watching for years and
they keep doing it again and again. Super annoying. 

Metallicgld12 says:

Your voice level is perfect. No need to project. Please save as much of
your precious voice as possible. Thanks for sharing.

Glenn Canady says:

No, your videos are fine. Probably shills are the ones complaining, they
like to say things like that so others think there is a problem and don’t

youlldiescreaming says:

Over here in Europe, every incompetent and corrupt government went out of
their way to get as much infected people back here as they could possibly
manage. Oh, it’s only for humanitarian reasons, mind you! They just should
receive the best medical treatment available here. Of course, those
patients are all dead by now. And of course, in every single instance the
medical personel caring for these patients got infected, despite following
proper procedures. Aw, not to worry … they all must have slipped up and
made mistakes. Yeah, right! Now we have politicians, health officials and
top-level virologists telling us on TV that Ebola is actually hard to
contract (LIE), that we can handle an outbreak (LIE), that it is not
airborne (LIE), and that we should all stop worrying, wash our hands and go
back to sleep. All I can say is, with “experts” like these corrupt
scum-bags in charge of staving off an outbreak or even a pandemy the worst
possible outcome is assured for Europe, just as it is for the USA with that
lying sack of shit Frieden as head of the CDC!

elevendebraeleven says:

Excellent video, great work, if you need help getting your videos out I can
upload and share w/ your permission. Thanks.

Ordrakon says:

I always listen on my laptop and the volume is usually a bit low compared
to other videos. Still audible, and the clarity of your audio is great. If
you raised the decibel level in post it would be ideal.

The Analyst says:

It’s just your equipment . Just project your voice more. You have a
naturally soft voice

Moya Montgomery says:

Most of those biological hazards in the USA are indicating enterovirus.
When you click the icon for more information the number of
infected/affected stays at 1500 and that is roughly the current number of

greenhouse114 says:

Yes, Carol, the volume is low on some of your videos.

JF Fortruth says:

Hearing nano silver destroys Ebola, true or no?

Solomon Kane says:

yes, your sound is low. its not horribly low. but you do have to turn it
up. look at your sound card settings in the control pannel. then look in
the capture software you are using. go to the support page for your capture
software. if you still havnt found the problem then you have to re-encode
and increase the audio. one free software that does that is called

hundimzug says:

I go frecquently to the RSOE site. To see the information of each event you
just have to click on the blue circle to the right, in the column that
says Details. They also provide updated information.

Alan Davis says:

MY Video Sound is Fine, Yes They Knew this Was Coming I Believe they Put
Ebola Out there made in Labs And I Also think The So Called vaccines for
Ebola Are Not really A Real Vaccine and Will not really Work I Think That
was On The News For Show And To make Us Think We Are Safe If we have
this Vaccine For Ebola Its As I Think Ebola is To cull us, Like the
Georgia Guide Stones Speak of Now They are Culling Us


The sound volume has been very low, yes, but it is much better on this
video. Thanks.

Ichabod says:

Sound is fine on my end. -David www smashtheorthodoxy com

The Analyst says:

Just like World Trade Center… The. All those workers dying of cancers and

delbert carnley says:

Its already started i am in Weatherford 60 miles west of Dallas watching
the news people are already raising hell about the apartment complex saying
the whole thing should be quarantine right now its just the one apartment
they are shut in for 21 days and even have a sheriff officer posted outside
to make sure they stay in an this afternoon that storm hit and they are out
of electricity how long i dont know and that Doctor who was over that
hospital made the statement there was no more of the medicine in the world
they gave those 2 they have treated here in the US i thought then wow what
a statement , Tooter

decidedisciple67 says:

Your mic sounds like it’s “enhancements” setting is not set for echo
reduction or possibly set to the wrong sound filter. Check the properties
of your “audio devices” or may be labeled “record device” depending on your
OS. I doesn’t sound bad but it does sound like you are talking into a can

watershed44 says:

Many of those bio hazards in the USA are the enterovirus68.

divinitybellydance says:

Sometimes I have a hard time hearing you, but not on all videos. This one
is a bit harder to hear, but the last one I watched the volume was fine.
There have been a few in the past, that I had to plug into speakers to hear

You are right about having to visit peoples channel page to see videos. If
I rely on the feed I only see about 20% of your videos. I have to visit
your channel to see them all, as well as your liked videos.

Lucien Harbuck says:

What?….What?…:) :) :).. Yes, I can hear your videos just fine; all but
one! Tracking the “cases” is ridiculous; they (CDC et al) have seeded the
epidemic in Africa and they will seed it here; they will defeat all
attempts to contain it! It is a weaponized version of the virus! WEBEToys
is coming out with a Hazmat suit that looks like one of Santa’s Elves;
isn’t that precious! I have to get my grandchildren one each before parcel
mail is stopped! TNX for the video!

Red October says:

I can hear you, the volume is low but I can turn it up on my end.

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