Ebola deaths rise in West Africa as WHO meets to assess epidemic

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Airport officials in Nigeria have been using laser thermometers to screen passengers as the deadly Ebola virus continues to claim victims.

Over 930 people have now died as West African Nations, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone struggle to cope with the outbreak.

Liberia where the death toll is rising fastest has declared a state of emergency and together with Sierra Leone has deployed troops to guarantee quarantine zones.

An experimental drug which might be effective in the fight against the…
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jackchorn says:

by watching these videos you would think the health care workers are taking full precaution, like the suits and hygiene.
Apparently not though because there is reports of over 100 health care workers with ebola, that's about 10% of the cases. They must be treating these people in their street clothes then going to get bush meat lunch without washing their hands for that high of percent. If transmission is the same as HIV then why don't 10% of doctors who treat it get infected?
Simply has to be spreading beyond direct contact with body fluids.

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