Ebola death toll edges closer to 5,000 – WHO

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The death toll from the Ebola epidemic is edging toward five-thousand out of over 13-thousand cases in the three worst-hit countries of West Africa.
Announcing updated figures, the World Health Organization said widespread rigorous control measures were needed to halt the spread of the virus.
The agency says that, while the number of cases is declining in parts of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, steep rises persist in other parts.
Meanwhile, the Ebola outbreak in the U.S. state of Texas is officially over after the end of the monitoring period for everyone in Dallas that was potentially exposed to the virus.
Former president George W. Bush visited the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital… where he warmly greeted Amber Vinson, one of the two American nurses who contracted but fully recovered from Ebola.
President Bush thanked the staff for their handling of the crisis.

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MK L says:

Goes to Prove Obama doesn't Care about the USA by Not Closing the Borders!! Yet Other Countries used Common Sense closing Their Borders!! Doesn't THE President CARE ABOUT THE AMERICANS HEALTH SAFETY?? I THINK NOT!! IT'S THAT SIMPLE!!

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