Ebola Containment in Nigeria:3 Lessons for the Globe

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The Ebola pandemic is the most virulent viral disease known to mankind, and its devastating effect on the 3 worst hit W/African countries S/Leone, Liberia and Guinea since its outbreak six months ago is unprecedented.

At the moment it has claimed 4,449 lives, while over 9,000 cases have been established, which for the WHO it is an International Health risk, and calls for urgent global attention.

Nigeria was on the verge of becoming a candidate nation for another outbreak, but this did not occur due to a spirited effort by the Government in partnership with stakeholders in the health and private sector.

In this edition of the ‘Economy and Politics show’, Ottoabasi Abasiekong brings to the fore 3 lessons from the successful containment of the Ebola disease in Nigeria.


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